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Makura no Danshi or a University student’s one night descent into madness

It was 3 am and I was only half way through my 3000 word essay, I was not only tired but demoralised and really needed a break. Scrolling through the web I found ‘Makura no Danshi’ an ongoing series of short 5 minute episodes – just what a needed for a quick respite.

Each episode featured a different ‘boy’ who acted as a calming presence to help the viewer fall asleep. The whole episode is shown in first person and the ‘boy’ talks as

Curse him and his beautiful face!
Curse him and his beautiful face!

though you are actually there. Probably what surprised me the most is when the ‘boy’ asked a question there was actually a  long pause for you to reply.

I watched the first episode as a joke, surely an animated boy promising to sleep beside me wouldn’t mean anything! But how wrong I was. The first episode over I quickly launched into the second, the fifth, the eighth and ninth (skipping episodes 3, 4, 6 and 7  because the boys were too young).

What had I gotten myself into?  Finishing episode nine I then fell into the very typical 5 stages of grief that follow finishing a series (or what was available): I couldn’t believe that I had finished what had been released – I refused to believe. I was then furious – how come the episodes were so short!? Didn’t they understand the needs of poor deprived University students? Could I somehow contact them and ask them to produce more? Why was this happening to me? Why at this hour?

But more importantly why wasn’t I getting my essay done?

CollegeBecause I had spent the last 30 minutes of my life watching a work Senpai take me home from a night of drinking, watched the stars with another University student and been scolded by a bishi librarian for falling asleep.

It was 3:30am and I finally gave up – I probably wouldn’t even care about this series in the morning. I’d wake up and laugh at all this. Yet, here I am typing this up and anxiously waiting for whatever ‘boy’ will show up next week.

10/10: purely for its ability to render me senseless

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    1. I skipped about half of them, but the ones I did watch were ok, I think also the fact I was watching it at 3am dulled what I would think was creepy.
      But I have heard that episode 10 in particular was very creepy – glad I skipped it! I like my bishies sweet rather than dodgy ^_^


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