The First Dumpling Adventure!

A couple of months ago I made a mid-year resolution: to try and go out and do some more interesting things. Most of the time when I do go out with friends it’s mainly to see a film, go shopping or eat dinner – usually at the same shopping centres in our area. So beginning around May/June this year I’ve tried to find some exciting and fun things around Sydney that I can do with friends. I figured I might put them up on this blog as well as my anime, TV and film reviews, not only to motivate me to keep trying to find places, but also just in case anyone is interested in what they can do in the Sydney area 🙂

IMG_2571Today I headed to the Glebe Markets at Glebe Primary School. So the primary schools are about a 15-20 minute walk from Central train station. It’s easiest to exit the train station via the Devonshire Street Tunnel (which also has some really great buskers!).
Once you get to Glebe there’s a multitude of different food places and shops that you can check out! On our way over we stopped at ‘Animeworks’ a shop that specialises in pop culture. They have a variety of products from ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ figurines, to Game of Thrones dragon eggs and even quite large Pokemon plushies (plus the usual array of ‘Pop! vinyls’).

The market place itself is pretty fantastic. Stalls sell anything from food, to artwork and IMG_2556clothing. It’s pretty easy to navigate around the area, the stall holders are really friendly and the market is just buzzing with a great atmosphere. One particular stall I saw today was for ‘Kyandi Confection Creations’. The owners specialise in candy sushi, and had been up and running for over a year. They even cater for weddings! When I saw it I honestly couldn’t resist – I got the larger box which was AU$12, I paid an extra AU$2 to get it wrapped up all nicely too. Unfortunately, the second stall I bought from I didn’t grab their name (if you know it please comment down below – I feel terrible I forgot to get it!). I bought a medium sized Gandalf print which I absolutely love – as long time Lord of the Rings fan I was ridiculously happy to see it. I’ve now got it hanging in the hallway.

Gosh it’s so cute! Can’t believe it’s candy!

After Glebe, we headed back to Central where we caught a train to Newtown.  IMG_2578Newtown is one of the most vibrant areas of Sydney – there’s heaps of graffiti murals, great people and hidden gems in alleyways. My friend introduced me to one of these
hidden gems, the ‘Black Star Pastry and Cafe’. I say hidden because it’s down an alleyway, but actually the line to order a cake went all the way down the street. Each cake cost about AU$7.50, I thought I might as well treat myself (mainly for waiting so long in line) so I purchased the Strawberry Watermelon Cake with rose scented cream, the Pistachio Lemon white Chocolate Torte (A.K.A ‘The Zen Cake’) and the Amedei Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte.


All in all an absolutely fantastic day 😀

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