Cassidy nominated me for the Liebster Award!


Big thank you to Cassidy for the nomination! His blog is full of hilarious anime screen shots and gifs – I can spend hours going through them, they’re all so funny!

My Random Facts 

  1. I became absolutely terrified of spiders after watching the film ‘8 Legged Freaks’ as
    '8 Legged Freaks'
    ‘8 Legged Freaks’

    an 8 year old in cinemas.

  2. I had a letter to ‘Empire Magazine’ published in one issue, but went under a fake name, I then forgot the password to the email account that I sent it through, so never got the DVD prize 😥
  3. My first ever concert was a Hilary Duff one
  4. I’ve played pretty much every Pokemon games except Leaf Green or Fire Red
  5. When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist
  6. I hate seafood – doesn’t matter how great it taste, I can’t stand the texture.
  7. My longest anime crush has been going on for 8 years now, it’s Genjo Sanzo from
    Ugh this stupid beautiful guy
    Ugh this stupid beautiful guy (Saiyuki)

    ‘Saiyuki’ – even I know how sad that is.

  8. I studied Japanese for two years in High School – but have pretty much forgotten everything now, except some main phrases, the speeches I had to memorise, hiragana and katakana.
  9. I get very tearful whenever I start watching a ‘Disney’ film – have no idea why, probably because they’re so special to me.
  10.  My guilty pleasure is watching reality dating TV shows like ‘If you are the One’ and ‘The Bachelor’
  11. I get really bad motion sickness – to the point that I can’t travel on a bus for more than 10 minutes, can’t watch hand held camera films and skip a lot of great games.
Yep, it’s really that bad (Special A)

Questions from Cassidy 

1. Do you have any unusual hobbies?

I really like going out and photography graffiti and also playing around on photoshop (not sure how good I am at it though :P)

2. Which is your dominant eye?

Definitely my right eye.

3. If you lived during the Middle Ages, what occupation would you have assuming your only objective was living as long as possible?

I'd just bust out my books and writing utensils
I’d just bust out my books and writing utensils (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia)

I think I’d try to be a scribe during those times, just chill out in a tower somewhere
writing things down and reading books. I would’ve liked to have been a physician but probably would end up catching some nasty disease.

4.What is your favorite image?

I don’t have a favourite image per se, but I really like looking at wedding, engagement and pregnancy announcement pictures. They just always look super sweet!

Also pictures of baby animals or awkwardly timed screen shots 😀

5. Do you believe in any superstitions?

I believe in some, not all, after all I do have a black cat and 13 is my lucky number.  But I don’t like the number 4 and wouldn’t risk breaking a mirror.

6.What is your favourite holiday?

Halloween! I get so excited and go full out with my costume. Unfortunately it’s not celebrate very much over here, so I always end up just doing a horror movie marathon at home.

7.How late do you go to sleep?

Recently I’ve been going to be at about 2 am – I was so good a couple of weeks ago, was in bed by 11pm. What happened ;_;?

8.What is your personal record for the number of episodes of a TV show watched in a single day?

I remember I watched 1 season of ‘Modern Family’ in a day, which is 24 episodes, I don’t tend to binge watch series for more than 4 hours at a time, I get nauseous.

Inu X Boku SS

9. What is your favourite type of cookie?  Choc-chip!

10.What is your ideal weather?

If I’m inside, raining, love snuggling up with a book and a hot chocolate. But, if I’m outside, sunny with a light breeze.

11. Which anime are you planning to watch during the Fall season?

I’m planning on a couple – ‘The Perfect Insider’, ‘Kowabon’ and maybe ‘Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou’. I read somewhere ‘One Punch Man’ might be coming out too, so I’ll definitely be all over that – just started reading the manga and love it!

My Nominees (sorry if you do have 200+ followers,  I could’t tell on the website >_<) Also I could only find 8 people- sorry!  

Masumi Amari






The Anime Prince


My Questions

  1. What’s your all time favourite film?
  2. Would you rather be in a horror film with a poltergeist, demonic possession or crazed slasher killer?
  3. Strangest film/tv show/ anime/ youtube video etc. you have ever watched?
  4. If you could have any question answered, what would be the question?
  5. One thing you could not live without? (Besides the obvious food, water, air, blood, organs etc.)
  6. What tv show/anime do you wish would end, or had ended earlier, rather than drag on?
  7. Any secret talents?
  8. What do you think of when I say “Australia”?
  9. Pet peeve?
  10. One goal you have for the year
  11. What cheers you up on a bad day?

Hope you all enjoyed finding out a tad more about more, till next time 🙂

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      1. That is cool. When I give facts about myself, I sometimes say the most simpliest things about myself. But I had a nice time reading the facts. It helps us understand who you are 🙂

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