Nerdutlife nominated for the Wakuwafu award ^^

Thank you so much to Nerdutlife for the nomination! I really appreciate it 🙂

The Rules

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  • Choose any 3 things you would like to say about yourself to your fellow bloggers.
  • Think up 3 questions you would like to ask the people you nominate.
  • Give one piece of advice to your fellow bloggers.
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Questions from Nerdutlife 
1. What do you enjoy writing about the most?

I don’t actually have one thing I like to write about the most. I’m just happy to be writing, I find it’s  fantastic stress reliever. Whenever I’m annoyed about something I just try and bash out a post and feel 70% better 🙂

Princess Jellyfish

2. A show that has impacted you?

My Mad Fat Diary. It’s a British TV show that follows the life of Rae after she is released from a Psychiatric facility. It deals with issues such as depression, suicide and body image. I guess watching Rae successfully tackling any problems that stood in her way, helped me realise and put to rest a lot of things in my life.

My Mad Fat Diary

3. Your favorite place to visit?

When I was living in Wales I loved to visit Bute Park, I could spend hours just exploring and taking pictures. The best part of it was, it was a 30 minute walk through it from my dorms to Cardiff Castle! It was fantastic and probably one of the places I miss the most. In Sydney I really like to visit Newtown, it’s this kinda artsy, youth area of the city full of hidden gems and fantastic graffiti art.

Picture I took at Bute Park
Picture I took at Bute Park

Three Things about Me:

  1. I’ve got two major pet peeves. The first when people play on their phones or text other people when they hang out with me (when it’s not an emergency). If I’m not exciting enough for you, don’t waste my time! My second pet peeve is when people correct what you’re saying mid-sentence if you’ve mispronounced a word or used the wrong grammar. I get some people think they’re ‘helping’ the person by correcting them, but for me, I find it very rude when someone does it to me. If you really can’t control yourself, you can pull the person aside (although this is still pretty ridiculous). I remember one time I said the word ‘boat’ and my friend would not stop repeating the word ‘ferry’ (she said it about 15 times) until I acknowledged that I had made a mistake. Ugh!
Lucky Star

2. I absolutely love horror films – although I can never sleep after them

3. I’ve been considering dying my hair for about 3 years and I still can’t get the courage to go and do it, I keep swinging between wanting platinum blonde or a really strong red (I’ve got brown hair)

Sorry the first random fact was so long – ended up going on a rant >_<

My Advice – not so much blog related since I’ve only been doing it a month but

“Do what you enjoy – life is too short to force yourself to meet other’s expectations”

My nominees:




My questions:

  1. If you feel comfortable sharing, why did you start blogging?
  2. Following off my rant, what’s your pet peeve?
  3. What’s something you’re really proud of 🙂 ?

Hope you enjoyed it, till next time 🙂