Dumpling Adventure #2

Oh gosh I’ve just realised I haven’t done one of these in a really long time! I promise I do leave my room and have a social life (sometimes)!


So on Sunday (4th October) I headed to Barangaroo, which is a newly developed area of the Sydney CBD. To celebrate its opening, there’s a three month long celebration full of great food, entertainment and history talks. It’s about a 15 minute walk from Wynyard station. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for very long as I felt a bit sick (and it was almost 33 degrees celsius!), but what I did see was absolutely fantastic.

Inside one of the exhibits
Inside one of the exhibits

The area is absolutely beautiful. There’s a fantastic view of the bay, the city and most importantly Sydney Harbour Bridge. To escape the heat, there’s a make shift indoor area with large ship containers which contain interactive exhibits about the history of the area. There’s information on the Indigenous people of the area (the Gadigal people), straight through to the recent development of the area this year. There’s even a replica of a ship from the 1700s you can explore!


There’s also some great food – I had a chocolate tart and lemonade from the ‘Bourke Street Bakery’. Honestly this place’s lemonade is absolutely fantastic! They also offered chocolate milk, I had a sip of my friend’s and oh my gosh it literally tasted like melted chocolate. Absolutely delicious!

Definitely worth a trip out to check out the new area, food and music!

The Cafe
The ‘Central Perk’ Pop-Up Cafe

On Tuesday (6th October) I headed to the pop-up ‘Central Perk’ cafe in Sydney. You DSC_0005can find it at the Corner of College Street and Liverpool Street,Hyde Park – about a 5 minute walk from the Museum station. It was done in celebration of ‘Stan’ (an Australian film and TV screening company) uploading all the episodes of ‘Friends’ on their servers. It was another ridiculously hot day (temperatures were at about 35 degrees celsius) which probably explains why the line was very short.

Once inside you get a chance to take a picture with a  replica ‘Friends’ couch, then you’re given a free cup of coffee – unfortunately there’s no hot chocolate for non-coffee drinkers like myself! I ended up getting a latte. I’m more of a casual ‘Friends’ fan but it was still a fantastic experience – my friends who I went with worship the show so seeing how excited they got made braving the heat totally worth it.

Till next time 🙂