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One Punch Man, Young Black Jack and others – Fall Anime 2015: First Impressions (1/2)

So it’s the second week after most of the Fall anime series have started and I thought I might do a couple of first impression posts on the series I had a look at. I only checked out about 8 series – I didn’t really want to review any series that I knew that I definitely wouldn’t like. So here’s my first 4 – if you’ve seen them, let me know what you thought of them down in the comments!

So I’m using a 5 point scale for these reviews:

0-2: Wow that’s part of my life I’ll never get back

2-3: Reasonable, would need to watch the next one or two episodes to see if it’s worth continuing

4-5: That was absolutely fantastic! Give me the next episode now!

One Punch Man: 


The first episode of ‘One Punch Man’ opens with a decimated city, with a large purple Piccolo-looking creature ready to crush the head of a small girl. Then comes Saitama, a self-proclaimed hero, who destroys the monster with one punch. The first episode goes through about 4 separate mini-stories of Saitama defeating monsters with, as you guessed it, one punch.  The animation isn’t anything special but the humour ingrained in the episode makes this a must watch!

After this episode I quickly launched into the manga series, I’m hoping that the anime will develop similarly as I don’t know how long it can hold onto having mini-stories into a larger episode. But overall an amazing first episode!


Young Black Jack: 

*holds onto nose bleed*
*holds onto nose bleed*

‘Young Black Jack’ is the prequel to the high successful ‘Black Jack’ manga series that ran in the 1970s.  It follows Kuroo Hazama (‘Black Jack’) as a medical student in the 1960s. The series is meant to have 12 episodes following Black Jack as he traverses the political and social climate of the time, with a backdrop of the Vietnam War, to ultimately save lives.

The first episode shows his first surgery on a young boy who had been hit by a train. The episode was incredibly tense, and the animation was pretty good. There was a dramatic flair throughout the episode – which was borderline over-dramatic but enjoyable.  Overall a pretty interesting first epiosde, I’m looking forward to the next few episodes to see what happens. I can already tell that Maiko (a medical intern) and Yabu (one of the doctors) may be a tad frustrating. Am hoping that there will be some character development with them, especially Maiko who despite being a medical intern and being Black Jack’s senior in the medical field, pretty much just stood their aimlessly, and was in shock for half the episode.




‘Kowabon’ is a short ,three minute per episode, series that depicts different horror stories, with a theme centred around the internet. The creators use an animation technique called ‘rotoscoping’ where actors are filmed and then animation drawn over the top of them. The first episode is video call between two friends – one friend notices something amiss in the background behind her friend, which slowly builds to a climatic and creepy end.

Overall it was a bit spooky but didn’t freak me out too much, but a great concept. I have a feeling this series is one of those that would be best to wait for a few episodes to come out and then binge watch it late at night.


Itoshi no Muco: 


Itoshi no Muco’ is another short series (each episode is only 12 minutes). It follows the daily life of Muco, an adorable Akita Inu, and Komatsu san, her owner. To be honest the animation and drawings are pretty poor – which may have been on purpose. But I guess it adds to the overall feel of the simplistic and happy life of Muco and her owner.

The first episode surrounds Muco and her fascination with her shiny nose. Personally I didn’t like it that much – it had a ‘Chi’s Sweet Home’ vibe but was way too long and Muco was almost borderline annoying. Maybe because I’m a cat person I wasn’t used to how hyperactive Muco is.


Hope you enjoyed this first impressions post! Till next time 🙂

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