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5 thoughts I had while watching the premiere of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

Holy crap what was that thing!?

The episode opens with two German female tourists arriving at the hotel. They’re obviously not impressed and reluctantly settle into their hotel room. Once there they notice a strange smell, removing the bed sheets they see that the mattress has been stitched up. What do they do, well what anyone would do in the situation, they cut open the mattress. There’s a tense couple of seconds and then this pops out:

He really needs a good floss

What the heckity heck!? I swear I spat out what I was drinking! If this is the new creepy villain for this season I am a mixture of impressed and also terrified. But mostly terrified. Following on from the legacy of the latex suit man in Murder House, Bloody Face from Asylum, and Twisty from ‘Freak Show’ we’re introduced to (hopefully) this season’s creepy hell raiser.

Is it just me, or does every scene remind you of a film? 

Ok so this is probably just me. But throughout this entire episode each scene reminded me of another horror film. Opening shots of the two female German tourists gave me ‘Human Centipede’ flashbacks (which I naively thought I had repressed). Later shots of the German Girl exploring the hotel, and being confronted by the two children reminded me of ‘The Shining’.

The creepy entrance of The Mattress Creature (for want of a better name) was similar to the discovery of Sloth in ‘Se7en’ – which creepy mattress dude also looked like.

When the cop’s daughter discovers the two dead men with their intestines hanging out I  couldn’t help but think of the scene in one of the ‘Hannibal’ films where he escapes and hangs the guard up as display.

But again, maybe this is just me and my ridiculous obsession with horror films.

Yesss all the new eye candy! 


While I love the theatre style way that Murphy has rotated the actors in previous seasons, honestly it is fantastic to see new people! Am so excited that Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson in this new series. Matt Bomer particularly, he’s such a fantastic actor and it’s going to be so exciting to see what he can bring to this series as he steps outside his comfort zone.

Thank God Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates are back – but where’s Jessica Lange!? 

While I’m happy there are new characters, I’m so happy that Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates are here to stay. I love how Sarah has stepped out of the doe-eye Snow White pity is me character that she inhabited for most of Coven and Freak Show. She’s back to the bad ass days of Asylum, but with an even rougher spin. I am so excited to see what she can bring to this role.


Kathy Bates is a long time favourite of mine, and I’m so happy she’s back. But also kind of disappointed. In both Coven and Freak Show she played an almost background character just helping out the other characters, and as the concierge in this series I’m hoping she doesn’t fall into the same groove. I need some ‘Misery’ style character from Bates this season!

Probably my only disappointment is that where is Jessica Lange!? She was the literal star of every other season of American Horror Story and you can definitely tell there’s a hole where her presence should be.

Lady Gaga is slaying this

So when I first found out Lady Gaga was going to star in this I was torn. Part of me knew it would fit her very well but another part of me was worried it would turn into the ‘Lady Gaga Show’ and not ‘American Horror Story’, but how unfounded my fears were!

Lady Gaga was an absolute treasure in this episode. It was like the character of the Countess was written specifically for her, she embodied the character so well. Her every movement even a slight shift of her head was a fluid representation of the eerie and sensual Countess. She looked absolutely smashing in every single outfit and nailed every scene.

Where do I book a room?

Overall I’m pretty happy by the first episode of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’. Some parts irked me to no end – for example I felt the rape scene was done purely for shock value rather than actually adding anything to the story. To be honest a lot of this opening episode was just shock after shock lumped together in one episode. A lot of the characters also seem to be quite one dimensional and generic – I’m looking at you Police Detective. But overall pretty decent so 7/10 

5 thoughts on “5 thoughts I had while watching the premiere of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

  1. Lol omg that first pic reminds me of that monster from Pan’s Labyrinth! I want to watch this series but lol, I get a little uncomfortable with all the rape, sex, etc. Still, I am so glad that others are enjoying this crazy series and it definitely lives up to its title!

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    1. It does! Now I’m even more freaked out by it 😛

      The show is definitely graphic, to be honest I sometimes feel that Murphy uses rape as a shock factor rather than an actual plot device. Some seasons are worth it but others aren’t. I’d say start out with Coven (which is the third season – you don’t need to watch them in order), I found that one to be the most ‘tame’ out of them all, if you enjoy it then move onto the rest. So far the one I’ve found the hardest has been ‘Freak Show’ – some parts were just too uncomfortable to sit through!

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