Infinity Dream Award #2 – Travel Edition

Rrowbyte nominated for this award a couple of weeks ago, I’ve just been so flat out with uni I haven’t had a chance to do it, and I love doing posts like these so I wanted to give it my all. A big big thank you to Rrowbyte, they have a really fun and interesting blog, so you should definitely check it out!



  1. List seven dreams (They can be personal or website related).

2. Nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them. (I’m going to be a tad slack with this rule as most of the bloggers I know have completed this award a number of times)

So recently I’ve been thinking a lot about travelling, and am about to put in an application to study in Korea for 3 weeks in January (fingers crossed). Because of this I thought it might be fun to make a post on my travel dreams!

1. Pompeii in Naples. 

When I was in High School I studied Ancient History, and one big topic we did was Pompeii and Herculaneum. I studied so ridiculously hard for that subject and loved it so much, the thought of being able to see what I spent so much time and effort learning about gets me so pumped up.

2. The pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx

You can probably see there’s a bit of an history theme going on. When I was a kid I absolutely loved Ancient Egyptian history, I actually have notebooks filled with copies of  interesting facts and notes from History books. So being able to go to Egypt and see all the major wonders  has been a long time dream for me. On top of this I would actually have a a history nerd fan girl moment if I ever had the chance to go into Tutankhamen’s tomb – what an absolute experience that would be!

3. Another history based one – I really want to see the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

While in Greece I’d also travel to look at the (very very small) ruins of Sparta (Spartan society is my all time favourite) and also the Palace of Knossoss.

4. Japan!

So I pretty much just want to go all over Japan. I’ve been there once before, on a 5 day side trip but we only explored Tokyo. I’d absolutely love to check out Harujuku – I’m all about those artsy expression areas. I’m a massive animal lover and might actually die from happiness if I could visit the Zao Fox Village. I also would like to visit Tokyo Tower – literally just so I could pose my Krauser DMC figurine with it (in tribute of that infamous scene)

5. China!

I’ve always had a dream of walking the full length of the Great Wall of China – I don’t think it’s actually possible since a lot of it is closed and has detoriated, but just walking a bit of it would be so fantastic. I’d also love to visit Xi’an to see the Terracotta warriors, there was an exhibition of them in Sydney a couple of years back and I got see a couple of them, but would love to see the entire army!

6. Scotland!

When I was on exchange in Wales last year I did do a weekend in Scotland, but I only had enough time to check out Edinburgh and a little bit of the Highlands. The Highland area is so incredibly beautiful and I want to be able to explore it a bit more. Loch Lomond looks absolutely spectacular. I would also do anything to explore the Fairy Pools at the Isle of Skye

7. Kind of a geeky one to end it, but my final dream is to attend the San Diego Comi Con 

Each year I look up on youtube and google at all the fantastic guests and panel events there are at this convention. From past cons I can see there was even the entire main cast of Avengers there! I’m looking at pictures as I type this and oh my I can even see my love Norman Reedus!  I think the biggest event we’ve had in Sydney was most of the cast of Merlin came one year to the Sydney Supernova.

So kinda an informal sneaky 8th one is to head off to Canada. I went there was I was really young and was promised the chance to feed squirrels in Stanley Park – which never happened, so it’s become my life mission to fulfil this promise!

So those are my 7 8 travel dreams – I’ll be working my butt off to get the money to fulfil them all in the coming years. Thank you again to Rrowbyte for the nomination.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Till next time 🙂

6 thoughts on “Infinity Dream Award #2 – Travel Edition

  1. You’ve been to Wales?! What was it like? That’s where the characters Nekane and Negi Springfield are from in the anime Negima!?, and I was wanting to hear from someone who has actually stayed there. I would love to go to Egyptian tombs, too, and Comic-Con, gosh, the things I’ve heard about that wild ride.
    Congrats on the award!

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    1. Thank you so much!

      Wales is absolutely fantastic, I was there for about 5 months. There’s so much natural beauty and the people are so friendly. It does get a bit chilly though, coming from Australia I was in shock when winter came. I didn’t get to go around as much as I wanted to since I was always waiting for people to get back to me (which I’ve learnt as the first rule of travel is you want go just go!). But I particularly remember Caerphilly and Cardiff Bay as being places to check out.

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