Dumpling Adventure – Big Bang 2015 MADE World Tour!

This year Big Bang embarked on their second World Tour visiting Asia, North America and now Australia! The group planned 3 shows in Australia (2 in Sydney on the 17th and 18th October) and 1 in Melbourne (21st October). I was incredibly lucky in that my friend won Corporate VIP tickets to the concert on the 18th October!

The concert was at Allphones arena, about a 10 minute walk from Olympic Park station. Doors opened at about 3pm, with the concert starting at 5pm. M dad dropped me off on the side of the stadium (because I’m a sad adult that can’t drive) and we actually saw the band members drive in! There was about 20 girls huddled around the car park entrance waving at them.

The corporate suites were on level 4 of the arena, including my friend and I, 20 people shared the room. We were shocked to hear that only 18 people entered the competition to get the tickets! Out of the 18 people, 10 people won the double tickets. Actually a whole family entered and so did a large group of friends – I’m still shocked that the competition entries weren’t in the 1000s! We had about 2 hours to sit and chat. The tickets included free food and drinks (non-alcoholic).

There was also a separate seating area outside to see the stage
There was also a separate seating area outside to see the stage

The concert started at about 10 minutes past 5, they had a lot of smoke machines going to signal that the group was about to come on stage. When they came on people literally went crazy! The member were so sweet and fantastic, they kept making sure that the crowd was pumped up. All the members looked absolutely fantastic, but I gotta say I almost lost my crap when G-Dragon and Taeyang came on stage!

The group did a couple of Big Bang songs and then each of the singers did their own individual songs. G-Dragon sung ‘Crooked’ and Taeyang did ‘Eyes Nose Lips’ – was so happy. For the group songs they did sing most of my favourites such as ‘Tonight’, ‘Sober’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’ but I was really hoping they would sing ‘Monster’. But still I was happy enough to hear them sing the songs I loved and have been listening to, live!


The stage production was beyond fantastic. There were mini fireworks, confetti and incredible light shows. There was even a laser guitar! All the members were so friendly and charismatic – particularly Daesung who was so sweet and cute! Just an interesting fact that my friend had told me:  between acts (when the singers went below stage) rather than wiping off sweat with a towel they blow dry it, as they don’t have enough time to reapply the makeup that would be wiped off along with the sweat. It just goes to show how much effort the artist put into the show.

One thing that really impressed me was that after the show had officially ended, between the encore, the members went around to each of the supporting band members, gave them their own solo and thanked them. They also brought the back up dancers on stage and thanked them all. I was very impressed as it wasn’t something I’d seen in previous concerts and just showed how professional the group is.

You can see two of the members on the bridge!

During the encore, one band member threw the towel he used into the crowd and another one his jacket – oh my gosh the crowd went crazy trying to get it. Especially with the jacket! I think one of the security guards had to intervene because people were getting pushed and shoved so intensely.

The concert ended at about 7:30pm. We were given some dessert and coffee 5afterwards and sat and chatted a bit more. My friend and I went down to the main hall and checked out some of the souvenirs. My friend didn’t really want to get anything since she had recently done an exchange to South Korea and bought a lot of memorabilia (for a much cheaper price). But I figured since I hadn’t paid anything for the entire concert I could treat myself to one T-shirt. The shop also offered other memorabilia such as pencil cases and phone covers.

Overall it was a fantastic night, I had so much fun! I still can’t believe I got to see them live!