Aussie Horror Films to check out on Halloween

It’s getting closer and closer to that special spooky day, so I figured why not type up a quick recommendation on some Australian horror films I’ve watched. Hope you enjoy them! I won’t be giving these a proper rating, but I’ll give them a scare and gore rating

Spook-o-meter: Ranges from 0 (Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode) to 5 (Ju-On – prepare not to get any sleep for the next month)

Gore-ific: Ranges from 0 (Meh) to 5 (Better get a bucket)

Wolf Creek 1 and 2

So these films are very oosely based on the events of a real serial killer in Australia named Ivan Milat who is infamously known as the ‘Backpacker Murderer’. The first film follows a group of friends on a road trip. Their car breaks down and they are ‘rescued’ by Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). Then ensues about an hour of mayhem as the friends attempt to escape the deranged murderer. The second film follows a similar plot, Paul, an English tourist is pulled over by a frightened woman. They are chased down by Taylor who eventually catches and tortures Taylor – be warned in this chase scene some animated kangaroos may be run over.


Both films are incredibly tense, you hope and pray that the the characters will escape the sick doom before them. John Jarratt is absolutely fantastic as Mick Taylor – he completely embodies the terrifying figure, right down to his laughter. This is probably the most well known Australian horror film duology, and is worth a watch.

Spook-o-meter: Wolf creek- 2   Wolf Creek 2- 2

Gore-rific: Wolf Creek – 3  Wolf Creek 2 – 4

The Loved Ones

I actually watched this film on my 16th birthday, and I gotta say it was almost a mistake. I reckon watching this film is the reason I have such a high tolerance to gore and blood in films and tv shows.

Brent (Xavier Samuel) is getting ready for his high school formal (‘Prom’) with his girlfriend. After rejecting another girl at his school (Lola), she kidnaps him, and Brent faces a night full of pain as he attempts to escape. It’s the ultimate warning of ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. There’s also some wacky side story with Brent’s friend trying to hook up with the High School goth.


I remember being in the cinema screaming at the screen (thankfully it was only me and a couple of friends there), it was such a seat clenching hour and a half. It’s incredibly gruesome, so if you can’t handle gore I recommend you steer clear of this film. However it’s a great example of Xavier Samuel’s acting and also Robin McLeavy’s (who also starred in Hell on Wheels and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).

Spook-o-meter: 1

Gore-rific: 5

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wormwood follows two siblings and their separate experiences during the zombie apocalypse. The brother, Barry, after his wife and daughter are turned and killed, is on a mission to find his sister. Through his journey he encounters other survivors.The sister, Brooke, is kidnapped by a mad scientist and experimented upon.


This film had an incredibly low budget (around $160,000) but it definitely made the best use of it. It’s one of those films that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, so many things are going on it’s best to sit back and enjoy it. I will warn that if swearing in films offends you it’s best to avoid this one. I reckon they say at least 3 different slurs in each sentence. But overall just a fun film to top off a fantastic Halloween night.

Spook-o-meter: 0

Gore-rific: 2

Hope you enjoyed it! If there’s any other Aussie horror films you’ve seen and enjoyed let me know down in the comments – always love to watch some local talent. Or if you just have some general recommendation for Halloween!

Till next time :)!