30 Day Song Challenge Day 5 & 6

Ok so I skipped a day again. But to be honest, I actually enjoy doing two days in one – there’s a bit more to write about too, so I may keep doing it in this format. Also super sorry there haven’t been any reviews up, am still getting everything together after exams and I also just got a new job (which I love!). But I will be seeing a new Australian film tomorrow, so I’ll try to type up a review of that when I get home 🙂

Anyway, lets get into it;

Day 5: A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it

Haha I really hate prompts like this. I tend to take songs on face value and not really think of them too deeply. I tend to analyse every thing else in my life, so I tend to leave music as it is. So to answer this I went back to a couple of songs I really enjoyed and re-listened to them. One stood out in particular.

‘Society’ by Eddie Vedder

It wasn’t so much that it held new meaning, but more each time I listened to the song I uncovered a new layer to it. The song describes how hungry ‘society’ is with its consumer culture and infatuation with symbols of affluence. How ultimately this swallows people up and doesn’t accept those who stand out from the rest. I really enjoyed this song as new perspective on looking at the way I live my life and interact with society as a whole.
Day 6: A song you can always relate to

‘I am not a Robot’ by Marin & The Diamonds

This song always hits me right in the feels.

When I was in High School (particularly in year 10 and 11) I spent so much time and energy constructing this ‘persona’ to fit in to a group of individuals who I never really connected with. This group never really accepted the ‘true’ me, and I felt there was no one else I could hang out with (how wrong I was!) It honestly got to the point where I would plan out conversations before they happened! It was honestly a terrible time, I was this completely constructed individual and could never show any emotions – even when someone said something that deeply offended me.

I always see this song as almost a power ballad for 16/17 year old me. But not really in a sad way, it also reminds me of how far I’ve come and reminds me to cherish the friends I have today who accept me for who I am.

Hoped you enjoyed these songs! Are there any songs that you re-interpret as you listen to them or you can always relate to? Let me know down in the comments ^_^

Till next time 🙂