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‘The Dressmaker’: Revenge is a dish best served with flair

With an opening line of “I’m back, you bastards” I knew this film was going to shape into something great. The film is set in a rural 1950s Australia town named ‘Dungatar’ . Myrtle Dunnage (played by Kate Winslet) returns back to the town, after years of living as a high fashion designer and travelling the world. She believes she is cursed after she was named a murderer in the death of a young boy when she was 10. The film acts a revenge-mystery piece as Myrtle uncovers what really happened all those years ago, and all the secrets the residents of ‘Dungatar’ are hiding.


Overall the film was incredibly witty and enjoyable. The storyline had audiences hooked from beginning to end. But truly it was the actors/actresses that were the main driving force behind the film. Judy 4Davis playing Molly Dunnage (Myrtle’s mother) was an absolute revelation.  Kate Winslet character was great, it was fascinating seeing the contrast between her and the town she had returned to. She almost embodied the audience as we looked back into the past. Hugo Weaving was definitely the star of this film, playing the town’s Police officer, his character was larger than life. Everytime he was on the screen I was grinning from ear to ear.

The couture dresses that Myrtle designed where so incredibly beautiful. I wanted they all in my closet! It was amazing seeing the sweeping landscapes of outback Australia – inspired me to want to take a road trip around. The film also touched on a number of significant issues – but I wish they had spent a bit more time exploring them, rather than mentioning it and quickly giving the individuals devine retribution in the next scene.

Throughout the film I was like the girl on the left, with that super jealous look on her face

Probably my only frustration with the film is that there was a point where the film should have ended. It was shortly after a majority of things had been resolved, but then the film goes on for another 30 – 45 minutes. But in the same way I can see why they had to include that extra part to round up everything.

Ultimately the film was pretty amazing, definitely a must see. 8/10


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