30 Day Song Challenge: Day 24 – End

Yay it’s finally at the end of the challenge! I’m kind out by a couple of days, but glad I somehow made it to the end 🙂

Let’s get to the songs

Day 24: A song that makes you angry: ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park


So there’s no song that really makes me angry, but I tend to listen to this song when I am. Something about it just sustains my angry for a bit extra. I listened to this song a lot when I was in High School studying for exams. Not really sure why I connected to the song so much, since my parents never pushed me to excel, it was more me putting  intense pressure on myself :/
Day 25: An acoustic song you love: ‘Your Surrender’ by Tyler Glenn

So this song is sung by Tyler Glenn from the band ‘Neon Trees’, who originally performed the song. While I love the original song, something about the acoustic version is just so much more heartfelt and strong.
Day 26: A song by your favourite band: ‘Animal’ by Neon Trees 

I’ve mentioned a number times that this is my all time favourite band. This song (‘Animal’) was the song that set me down my path of obsession. It’s just such an absolutely fantastic song, when it first came out I’m pretty sure I listened to it on repeat for 2 months. 5 years later it’s still my most played song on my iPod!
Day 27: A song you make fun of: ‘Levan Polka’ by Hatsune Miku 

Not really a song I make fun of, but I always end up laughing whenever I try to follow it. It was part of the new Just Dance 2016 dances and wow it was hard to keep up. Maybe I’m just a fail dancer, but yeah I was in a fit of laughter at the end of it. This song is so damn catchy though!
Day 28: A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend (if you don’t have one, make one up):  ‘Dear Future Husband’ by Meghan Trainor 

Haha this song should probably be called ‘Dear Future Boyfriend’ for me (forever alone).
Day 29: A song currently stuck in your head: Nightcore

So it’s not a ‘song’ per se, but I’ve just become obsessed with all the Nightcore done songs on Youtube. These are some of my faves!
Day 30: song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life: ‘Alive’ by Sia

It’d probably be a TV show about some girl overcoming a lot of obstacles (sometimes really weird ones) but coming out alright in the end 🙂

Woot! So that’s the end! I hope you’ve enjoyed the last 30 days (give or take a couple!)

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    1. Thank you! It’s really fun to do, but I was a bit bad and left it for a couple of days. But yeah definitely recommend you to do it if you have the time – can’t wait to see the songs you write about ^_^

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