Sheep Cafe: Seoul Adventures

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So it’s been 3 days since I’ve arrived in Seoul. I’ve had a fantastic time so far. It’s been ridiculously cold, today actually had the highest temperature of 0 degrees celsius and a low of -6, I almost felt blessed to be as cold as frozen water rather than be below it. My flight from Sydney was about 10 hours with no stop over, I watched a ton of films and got back into my new book I’m reading. I was also sitting next to this drop dead gorgeous German guy the whole trip ❤ !

So yesterday (6 Jan) I met up with a couple of other students from my University and we headed to Hongdae, which is known as the kind of trendy area. The best way to get around Seoul to get a T-Card (kinda like an Opal card in Aus and an Octopus Card in HK) you just tap on and off at each station. To get there you have to get off at Hongik Station (and go to exit 9).

We first headed to the ‘Thanks Nature’ Cafe. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the station. Once you exit at number 9, you’ll be in front of a KFC, walk toward Maccas. Once you’re at Maccas turn left and walk down a long road (called Hongikro-gil). You should pass a 7/11 and a ‘Forever 21’. The cafe is on the road opposite to ‘Forever 21’, you have to go downstairs so keep an eye out, but you’ll be able to smell the sheep before you see them.

Also look at the awesome pattern in my hot chocolate!

The sheep are outside in a small paddock, and then there’s a medium sized indoor cafe. The cafe itself is pretty great- on one wall there’s sketches of famous individuals such as Audrey Hepburn and Steve Jobs.  On the stairs leading down to the cafe there are some news clippings and pictures showing the cafe, for example the cafe was featured in a famous K-Drama! The food is fantastic, we arrived at about lunch time, I got a hot chocolate and a honey butter cake. The other girls got a garlic-cheese bread and a croquet. The servings were massive so it’s good to eat on an empty stomach.

Once we had finished eating we went out to see the sheep. The sheep are adorable, there’s one girl and one boy, named Mongshil and Bokshil. I gave

Gazza licking the wood

them the ceremonial Aussie bogan names of ‘Jazza’ and ‘Bazza’. The owner of the cafe has had the sheep since they were little babies and they’re very well behaved. We had the chance to feed them and ‘pet’ them. One time when I was feeding ‘Jazza’ she jumped up on me – it was so funny. I almost didn’t want to leave. ‘Bazza’ also had an unusual habit of licking the wooden door of his enclosure.

So fluffy and sweet!






Overall definitely a must see if you’re in the area! The full address is

486, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Seogyo Prugio Apartment store B121

You can also see more pictures of the adorable sheep on the cafe’s Facebook page here 


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