Trick Eye Museum: Seoul Adventures

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Following on from my trip to the fantastic Sheep Cafe. My friends and I headed to the Trick Eye Museum. The Trick Eye Museum is essentially a force-perspective museum, where pictures will look very realistic. It’s a great place for getting some fun photos!

From the Sheep Cafe, you walk back up the street (on the left hand side), and past 7/11. There’s one big road called ‘Hongtong Street’, don’t turn into that one, turn into the one just after it. You’ll be able to see the ‘Trick Eye’ Museum fairly easily, there should be some weird statues around it. When I was there, there was a man in a carriage with a female centaur.

Admission is about 15,000 won, which (when I was there) gets you entry into the Trick Eye Museum, ‘Carnival’ and the Ice Museum. We headed to the ‘Trick Eye’ part first. It was quite busy, we were there just after lunch time. You have to be quite considerate of other people taking photos, make sure you don’t walk into someone’s picture! The museum is very well laid out, there’s photo ops everywhere, there are even markings on the ground on how to get the best perspective. They change the exhibition every couple of months, so it’s worth checking it out if you’re in Seoul for a long period of time.

It’s made of ice!

The Carnival part was a bit of a disappointment, there weren’t many staff there and the games were a bit meh. The Ice Museum was fantastic, there were ice sculpters and also a ice house, complete with a toilet with a miniature toy poo in it! Unfortunately I had left my jacket in the locker (which cost 500 won to rent), and so was freezing!

After the main part of the museum we sat down to have some drinks in

Mini me 😀

the main area. The museum also sells mustoy, which are like ceramic characters you can draw on. It cost 5000 won for one! Once you buy it, you’re given a set of pens and rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol works wonders, so if you make any mistakes don’t worry! It’ll come right off. I ended up making a mini me, and also bought 2 extra ones to take home!

After we had sat for a bit we went back upstairs to the ‘Love Museum’. Because we had I won’t talk much about it here, since it’s better to be left unsaid. But it is quite graphic, there were quite a lot of things that

I think the 3rd warning says it all

the last few seasons of Game of Thrones graphic scenes had not prepared me for. But ultimately it’s a lot of fun, and quite a laugh if you’re with friends! You’re even given some paper glasses when you go in, maybe to hide your face in case anyone recognises you 😛

Trick Eye is a great place to visit with the family or friends! It’s also in a fantastic part of Hongdae, which is known as the trendy area. In my next post I’ll try to show a couple of pictures from the area, and some things I bought ^_^

Have a great weekend!