Raccoon Cafe: Seoul Adventures

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By now you’ve probably worked out I’m a big animal lover. So why stop at a sheep cafe, lets head to the raccoon cafe!  The program I’m doing is currently with Sookmyung Women’s University, while there I’m taking an arts and crafts course. After class, me and the girls from arts and craft, thought it’d be great to check the cafe out!

From the university, the cafe is a perfect 5 minute walk. If you’re getting off at Sookmyung Women’s University Station, go to exit 10, and walk towards a bridge. Go under the bridge and continue walking straight for about 15 minutes. The cafe is called ‘Blind Alley’, and is a bit hard to spot, so keep your eyes out when you pass by a ‘Morning Glory’.


Once inside, the cafe is actually incredibly large but also a great homey feel. There is a separate eating area, and an enclosure around the outside of the cafe for the raccoons.  Once you arrive, make sure you order something. I got a hot chocolate which was ok, one of my class mates had an oreo pancake which was absolutely delicious. Once you have ordered the food you’ll also get a set of rules. For example: don’t take food into the racoon enclosure and be careful because they might bite!

Once we ate we quickly went into the enclosure. There were two raccoons, one a traditional IMAG0374grey and black and the other a lot lighter. The grey and black one was just lounging on the ceiling while the lighter one was running around trying to get into people’s pockets. To be honest I was a little bit shocked at how fat the raccoons were, but was later assured by some Canadians that that size is quite normal.

The raccoon was quite feisty, it was moving from person to person checking for food in their pockets. One girl tried to Snapchat-2545417887480742829touch its face (which albeit was a bad idea) and it turned around and nearly bit her. But ultimately they were ok, you could reach over and stroke its back without fear of being attacked.  Ultimately, you just need to follow common sense and it should be fine 🙂

While the drinks were okay, the fact that there were raccoons definitely makes this a unique and novel visit. Definitely make sure to check it out if you have the chance.

For more information (and better pictures) you can visit their Facebook page 



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