A Palace, A Tower and Lots of Shopping Part 2: Seoul Adventures

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Following on from part 1 of the day, me and the girls from Melbourne quickly headed over to Myeongdong. Myeongdong is one of the major shopping areas in Seoul, if you get out of the train station one exit 7 you’ll end up on one of the main drags. The streets are lined with not only brand stores, but also street stalls and food! The street stalls sell anything from souvenirs, to clothes and k-pop memorabilia! While you can’t bargain in the brand stores, it’s worth a shot in the street stalls. But make sure to know how much to go down by. There was a beanie that I really wanted that was being sold for 10,000 won, I stupidly asked for 5,000 won and the guy looked like he was quite angry (I think I was used to the Hong Kong way of bargaining). In Seoul you can only bargain about 1000 or 500 won less than the asking price.

Some of the street food!

Further down the street, there’s an ice cream shop called ‘Milky

IMAG0517 (1)
Sorry for the terrible photo, I was too busy enjoying it to take a good one 😛

Bee’. They do absolutely beautiful ice cream that is in the shape of a rose. When I was there they were having a sale on the strawberry and yogurt ice cream, but if you’re really keen you can get the 3 flavoured one to get the full effect. From memory I think it can cost between 4,000 and 6,000 won.

After checking out Myeongdong we headed towards N Seoul Tower. We ended up walking, it was about a 20 minute walk up hill. I’d recommend taking a taxi since it’s faster and also the quite cheap in South Korea.

To get to the base of the tower you have to take a cable car up, it costs about 8,000 won. Unfortunately some people can tend to get a bit pushy or cut in line so try to be on the ball throughout the whole waiting time. The cable car is a very smooth ride, and only takes about 10 minutes. One you arrive on the top of the ‘mountain’ there’s some cafes and a shopping area. Namsan  Tower is a well known couples place ( I type while cringing), there are heaps of ‘love seats’ that have been featured in famous dramas, and also places where couples to write their name on a lock and place it somewhere. In time for Christmas they had made Christmas trees shaped out of couple locks which was lovely!

One of the love seats

To get to the top of the tower was about 10,000 won. However if you go in a pair you can pay 21,000 won and also get a large drink and popcorn to share! I joined up with one of the Melbourne girls we became a couple for the night 😛  Getting to the top of the tower is absolutely spectacular, and I highly recommend going up. It’s a once in a life time thing and you’ll definitely regret it if you don’t. I remember when I went to Paris I didn’t go up to Eiffel tower and even today am still going “ugh!”.  For some reason when I got to the top of the tower I didn’t take well to the lighting and felt a bit ill, but the view was amazing and I quickly forgot it.

One quick thing to note is that once you get to the top you take a group shot which you can purchase. The purchase prices are super super confusing. From the sign it sounded like you buy 1 for 10,000 and for another 2 it was 10,000. But instead they meant for each additional one it was 10,000 – so altogether it was about 30,000 instead of 20,000. Which was ridiculously confusing because why would you put it under a special package, when it just costs the same!? Also the workers at the top of the tower weren’t very helpful,  they seemed to get quite angry at us, when we were just asking them to explain it a couple more times.

Night view from the top!

Besides that little hitch, the night was absolutely fantastic. I had a wonderful day and hope the rest of my trip is Seoul is just as magical!


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