Cats and a Light Festival – What could go wrong?

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Following on from the Mural Village, the girls and I headed to Myeongdong where we had seen a cat cafe advertised. My friend who had also spent a year in Seoul also recommended this cafe. The cafe is located on the second left along the Myeongdong markets, there will probably be someone in a giant cat costume around to guide you.

Entry into the cafe is about 8,000 won and includes drinks. I was incredibly excited to get into the cafe, I absolutely cannot get enough of cats. I’ve only ever been to one cat cafe before (when I was in Malaysia) and it was amazing, so expectations were pretty high. Unfortunately I was let down.

The cafe houses about 30 cats, and while there’s ample space for them, they’re honestly the most unfriendly cats I’ve ever come across. The cats were more interested in a couple that bought bowls and bowls of cat food than the group of me and my friends. I felt the cafe should have put a limit on how much cat food a group can buy – honestly the cats completely ignored us, and only came around  because they smelt the couple’s food. It was quite uncomfortable, especially for the entry price.

My cat is a butt head, but these cats took it next level

I’ve heard that there is another Cat Cafe in Gangnam, which was has a 3,000 won entry fee  – which includes cat food! So if you’re really keen, it’s worth a trip over that way.

After the cafe we headed to the Cheonggyecheon Stream to check out a light festival that was ending that day. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the festival but it had something to do with the New year and Christmas. It was quite spectacular, there was live music as well.


There was also a chance to pay 3,000 won to make a lantern to send down the river. You can write your hopes and dreams for the year on it – a random lady helped me fold mine since I was doing such a terrible job at it 😛 I heard somewhere that if you’re lantern sinks before reaching the end it means terrible luck for the new year – I was so nervous putting my lantern in the water – but it reached the end!

All the lanterns that have been sent down the river

While the place was spectacular I wasn’t having such a good time with the girls I was with and ended up getting a bit teary mid-way through, which was unfortunate! I managed to fix myself up the next day, but I gotta remember next time not to let people’s snarky remarks to ruin my good time!


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