New Movie Experience at CGV : Seoul Adventures

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So from my blog you can tell I’m a massive movie buff. So when I found out that ‘Times Square’  has the largest cinema in the world (!) I definitely could not resist. Last Sunday night I recruited two of the Melbourne girls to head with me there, with plans to watch ‘The Revenant’.


Buying the tickets at CGV is incredibly easy, in front of the ticket counters is a little ‘ticketing’ machine. Once your number comes up you head to that counter, say what film you want to watch and the session time (and if you’re going to special session which one it is!). Buying snack food is a bit of a struggle if you don’t know Korean, but everyone is incredibly nice (although a couple of girls were laughing at me because I was speaking English to them – but I sadly don’t know any other language.) There’s a really great deal where for about 9000 won you can get a ‘couple set’. You get two medium drinks and a large popcorn, you can even go half and half and get 2 different types of popcorn!

The movie cinema seats about 400 people and I was gobsmacked when I first saw it! The screen itself is massive and in an ‘egg’ shape so that you can see more of the screen. The best thing about the cinema is the seats are set at a height that you can’t see anyone in front of you. Inside the cinema is incredibly hot, I was surprised there wasn’t any air con and just figured there must have been a problem with it. The movie itself was pretty good, I think I may have gotten a tad motion sick from the massive screen. But overall it was such an exciting experience!

Last night, I figured I might try out the 4D cinema at Times Square. I went to watch ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’.  People seemed kind of amused that I was watching a film by myself, which made me a feel a bit awkward. But once I was actually in the movie cinema it was fine 🙂 The 4D cinema is this crazy experience – I highly recommend any movie buff to try

Special motion seats.


So firstly the films showing in the cinema are all 3D – so you’re given 3D glasses. Then i thought the 4D part was just some vibrations at your feet and that was it (I honestly wasn’t expecting much). Within the opening scenes of Kung Fu Panda I was gripping my seat because it was movie up and down like a roller coaster. The whole cinema was swung from side to side. Gusts of air appeared and reappeared, along with squirts of water and what was more surprising pokes in the back!  Everytime a character was getting beaten up the pokes in the back of the seat would coincide!



Both of these cinemas were an amazing experience. I reckon I might feel a bit disappointed when I head back to Sydney and watch films on my regular ol’ cinema screen 😛