Shopping fever @ Insadong : Seoul Adventures

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After the Bukchon village, my friends and I headed to Insadong. Unfortunately it’s a bit far from the actual village, so we needed up catching a taxi back to the station and then walking from there. The taxi’s are ridiculously cheap over here, so we didn’t hesitate at all! Walking to the shopping centre, there are rows upon rows of souvenir shops (most of which are pretty cheap). There are also a couple of craft shops and restaurants.

After looking around the streets, we had a look at , a famous shopping mall in the area. At the plaza of the shopping building there’s a pancake shop that sells ‘poo’

Cute Poo-cake 😛

pancakes (or as I like to call it poo-cakes). There are two flavours – red bean and chocolate, both cost about 2,000 won and are absolutely delicious. At the top floor of the building is also  ‘poo’ cafe – which looks nice and comfortable to sit in.


If you want to get to the higher levels you can either walk around and up, or you can take the stairs. I highly recommend you to walk around and up, you get to see all the different stores. Some of them are incredibly interesting! There’s a store where you can get your own stamp done, and choose a design. There are also stores dedicated to those cute cats which are famous around South Korea. I found an absolutely amazing stationary store (I ended up buying almost 60,000 won worth there!). They had some colouring in diaries and adorable books (some of which are translated into English).

Almost getting a bit over all the couple things

At the top of the shopping centre there is a little ‘Love’ alley for couples. They can pin a badge on the sides of the alley. You can also get your photo transformed into a block picture which looks pretty cool. Once you’re at the top, you can walk back down through the steps, there’s a bunch of awesome graffiti to check out, and also a large statue of a rose that rises up through the levels which is pretty cool 🙂

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