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A true romance in Oji-san to Marshmallow

Hige san is a kind office work who clocks in day in and day out. His life is pretty regular except for two things, his obsession with marshmallows and his co-worker’s obsession with him. Thus begins the almost infuriating (if it weren’t so hilarious) love triangle as Wakabayashi, his co-worker, tries all she can to make Hige san notice her, while Hige san is obsessed only with marshmallows. Wakabayashi begins using the power of the marshmallow to get closer to Hige san. With only 3 minutes per episode, and 12 episodes planned – how will Wakabayashi fare!?

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So straight up I absolutely am adoring this series. I love how sweet and simple Hige san is, and how earnest Wakabayashi is! I especially love the almost role reversal where Wakabayashi is chasing after Hige san with such gusto, particularly parts that show Wakabasyahi being a tad pervy. It’s a nice switch from anime series often showing female characters as one dimensional angel vs. devil characters. It would be nice to see in future episodes Wakabayashi having other interests besides Hige san, and developing a bit more as a character. But ultimately in 3 min X 12 episodes – I can’t really expect much.

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The animation is pretty basic, but I enjoy how tightly knit the story line is. The show manages to squeeze quite a few gags in 3 minutes without anything seeming forced. It’s also really interesting at the end of each episode there is a short minute video on marshmallow recipes! Will definitely be writing some down for winter 😛

Like most short series, this is great to watch when you need to relax and watch something quick and easy to take your mind off things. I give it 4/5 


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