Black Milk Sydney Sample Sale

I’ve seen the Black Milk Sample Sale advertised every year on Facebook. I was definitely interested in it, but to be honest could never be bothered. However this one jut past, I figured why not give it a shot!

I was pretty excited for the sale, but had no idea what to expect. The night before I had a quick look through Black Milk’s website, it was pretty much my dream wardrobe. I was particularly keen to see if there were any Game of Thrones dresses available!


Almost at the door! 

My friend (who I recruited) and myself agreed to meet up at about 1pm to head to sale. On the Facebook event some individuals had been lining up since midnight, while others had parked at the hotel across the road- we were prepared for a long wait. Surprisingly we got in within 40 minutes. Essentially the sale was organised that shoppers gained entry to the hall in 20 minute bursts.  So that was 20 minutes of rushing around and then lining up to grab what you wanted.  While it was efficient, I almost felt like cattle being herded around.

Once inside, the clothes were in massive piles on the ground, sorted from XXS – XL. Some shoppers really got into it, jumping into the piles and throwing clothes around. Savvy shoppers were picking up all the clothes they liked and in the last 5 minutes sorting them out on the side. It was a bit shocking at first, but we quickly got amongst it. Most of the clothes were the same,  I found at least 10 other dresses like mine and it was very difficult to find unique pieces. Although to be honest, that could be because we can so late in the day.


Unfortunately there were no change rooms in the space, and I was a bit too self conscious to strip like some of the other shoppers were! Int eh end I bough one dress ($35) and a cop top ($10). I found the sizes looked a bit small (and I was right they do run on a smaller size) so I got a Large for both. I was really happy with the dress since I’m quite tall, most dresses barely cover my butt.


I’m looking forward to the sale again next year. It’s definitely worth going, most of the dresses sold on the website can retail for $80 + , so you’re definitely saving big. Hopefully next time I’ll snag a Game of Thrones dress!