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Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Disappointment

A friend I hadn’t seen for a while had won premiere tickets to the I-Max screening of ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’. I’ve never been a big DC fan, but figured, what the heck –  I might as well go. We got a snazzy picture snapped, a goodies bag and then headed into the cinema. Now, my expectations were low to begin with. But nothing could have prepared me for the absolute shit-fest I’d spend the next 2.5 hours viewing. The failure of this film can be pinpointed to two main things; the story and the acting. Lets look at the story first.

The film chaotically opens with the big fight scene in ‘Man of Steel’. You better hope that you remember that snorefest of a film, because there’s heaps of references in this one. If you don’t well, strap yourself in. You’ll be spending the next hour or so trying to piece

Bruce looks as confused as the audience

together what the FUCK is going on!? Other than the fact that you had to have an impeccable memory of ‘Man of Steel’, you have to navigate your way through the absolutely confusing story line of this film. To be honest,I don’t think I understood the plot of this film, until the last 20 minutes, and when I did , I wasn’t impressed. Essentially the plot is – rich guy gets two heroes to fight each other because why not!? This pretty bland plot is then coupled with ridiculously long dream sequences. Which you don’t realise are dream sequences until the end of it, and they add nothing to the plot. The worst one was some weird post apocalyptic sequence where Superman ran some sort of militia? My head hurts just trying to work it out.

The real star of the show

Now lets go onto the acting. So I want to start by stating that Gal Gadot was the absolute star of this film. Her acting coupled with the stirring music done by Hans Zimmer – made me fall in love with Wonder Woman all over again. Ben Afflect was a pretty good batman, he was definitely better than Christian Bale but I’m still waiting for a Batman which will blow me away. Actors seem to just stay in the stoic Batman type who just yells all the time – which I get, it is his character – but I’m waiting for an extra dimension to his character. Who really let down this film was Superman. I LOVE Henry  Cavill but my gosh he is not a good fit for Superman. His face just never EVER moves, he can’t act out emotions at all. Pretty much this film was like watching Batman vs. Batman – two stoic assholes screaming at each other.


Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice was a film filled with confusing car chases and action scenes. Everything happened at night and Snyder didn’t think it would be a good

Literally the most lighting in the entire film

idea to illuminate anything, so you could never tell what was happening. The film was a confusing mess. As I said before, the best part of the film was Gal Gadot, the music and also the little sneak peek we got into the other Justice League members.  I give the film a 3/10 


12 thoughts on “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Disappointment

  1. Ah good thing I didn’t spend any at the cinema for the movie. Although I’m planning to watch it at home for information’s sake lol

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  2. I saw this movie this movie in my birthday week. I felt that this was okay. I didn’t like Lex Luther and I felt like this movie used a lot of Bible references. I thought Ben Affleck was a good Batman and I like Wonder Woman. It looks like they are going to be building up to the Justice League movie.

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    1. Ooh happy birthday! Lex Luther was such a disappointment, I literally couldn’t work out why he was doing what he wanted to do. I loved Wonder Woman ❤ ! I'm still looking forward to the Justice League film – for Wonder Woman and Aquaman 😀

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      1. She’s an awesome heroine. That’s awesome. Try to get some shots of her. I wish I was there. I did take pictures of a woman cosplay of Wonder Woman at Comic Con last year.

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