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Dear Pluto is this fantastic company that organises dating events, workshops and markets. They typically organise 2-3 events per month, and on the 2nd-3rd April I had the chance to visit their Markets! The Markets are held at 107 Projects are Redfern, about a 7 minute walk from Redfern station. They opened at about 11am, but if you get there a bit earlier, there are heaps of cool coffee places to check out at Redfern :)!

IMG-20160409-WA0004The markets have  a wide range of shops. The ‘Kyandi’ Sushi which I talked about previously, has a shop there, and they also make small terrariums with Miyazaki characters, Mario and even some of the Avengers! Other shops sell vintage clothing, there was this super cool candle shop which had candles in the shape of creepy baby heads. The whole market place just has this absolutely fantastic vibe, with great music and everyone is so incredibly friendly.

While at the markets I bought from two shops. The first was the ‘Haus of Dizzy‘, who sells
these absolutely amazing pieces of jewellery. Their slogan is literally “I got 99 problems but bling ain’t one!” The owner is this really wonderful lady who is just so bubbly and friendly. I ended up getting a small set of earring for $20. The other place I checked out was ‘Humyara‘. Humyara was absolutely fantastic, my friend and I ended up chatting to her for about 20 minutes. I bought the Pack O’Butts and Bag O’D***s from her (which you can see on her website). She also did small commissions, so I got some cute pictures of myself. Each pack of stickers cost about $4. The two packs of Butts and D***s will be an interesting birthday present for one of my friends 😀

2016-04-10 12.34.08.jpg
My finds

The ‘Dear Pluto Markets’ are an incredibly fantastic pop up market to check out. The people are the stalls are so wonderful, and it just makes for a great day out. For more information on their upcoming events please check out their Facebook page or sign up to their website.

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