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Prison School: Taking Detention to the Next Level

It’s the beginning of the school year, and 5 guys are happier than most to begin the term. They are the first 5 guys to be studying at a Hachimitsu Academy, an elite all-girls school. Whilst these 5 guys dream of a youth filled with short skirts and boobs, little do they know, that they’re not nearly as welcome as they think they are. After they sneak a peek into the women’s bathrooms, they are captured by the Underground Student Council, who build a literal prison for them to be confined in for one month.

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Watching this series, I knew it was going to be full of gratuitous fan service and be all round perverted. To be honest I didn’t even expect to like it. But I actually fell in love with this series!

So in terms of storyline, this plot is pretty unbelievable. I’m pretty sure the school would be breaking a few laws when they imprison students and physically beat them. But for some reason this series just makes it work. You truly feel for those 5 boys as they live under the harsh conditions, deprived of their youthful high school life. My favourite part of the story, was seeing how the five boys, grew closer as friends. Learning about each character, and the struggles they overcome within the prison. A particularly interesting plot line was after a prison escape, Kiyoshi is ostracised by the rest of the group, having extended all their sentences by another month.

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Each character had their own unique traits, to be honest I was more interested in Andre and Gakuto than Kiyoshi (who was the main character) and his love interest. Andre was this hilarious M-type character, and Gakuto was a major otaku who loved the history of the Three Kingdoms.  I really enjoyed how effort was put into each of the boys to give them their own unique quirks. I gotta say though, while I loved the boys, the members of the Underground Student Council truly took my heart.

So the three goddesses that make up the Underground Student Councils are the most badass women I have ever seen in an anime series. So you’ve got Hana Midorikawa who looks tiny and sweet, but she can roundhouse kick like Chuck Norris. There’s Meiko Shiraki who honestly was set up to be some weird sex symbol, but I ended up having a deep admiration for her dedication and passion. The top of all this is Mari Kurihara.  Kurihara was probably my favourite character in the entire show, she was so intelligent and calculating. I really hope the next season goes deeper into her relationship with her father. Especially how his objectification of women has made her feel, and her perception towards men.

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The animation style of this series was absolutely fantastic. The only thing that kinda irked me was that Shiraki would profusely sweat a lot (?) and the sweat would come out like she had just dunked herself in a swimming pool. It was kind of gross to be honest, every time she was drenched in sweat all I could think about was how much she must stink!

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Fan service~ ^_^

While most girls would shy away from this show, I actually encourage them to watch it. Don’t view it as some sexual series with ridiculous fan service. I enjoyed viewing the show as an almost battle of the sexes – with strong male and female characters. Also if you’re concerned about the fan service, don’t worry there is a little bit for everyone 😉

I give this series a 9.5/10 



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