ZombieBoy – Zombie Growing Game Endings

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I began playing this mobile game called ZombieBoy. The premise is that you and your Screenshot_2016-04-19-14-36-04boyfriend are researchers, looking into the zombie apocalypse. Tragedy strikes and your beloved is transformed into a zombie. So like an reasonable person, you begin feeding him other zombies in the hopes of transforming him back into a human. The game is incredibly simple – you ‘hunt’ other zombies by tapping on them, feed these zombies to your lover and also can converse with him.

The baby (?) zombie evolves through 9 stages, to get to 3 different endings. The pain is, that no matter what you do, you have to go through the endings in order to get to your final boyfriend. Also meaning you have to go through 9 stages 3 times! I gotta say, this game involved more grinding then levelling up pokemon. So to save everyone from the 2 weeks of grinding I did (I played on the train going to and from uni) – I’ve listed below the different endings you can get.

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Ending 1 – The Old Man


So the first round, your final zombie is a delinquent boy with the whole jacket and crazy hair. So this guy unfortunately turns into an old man – definitely not the beloved your looking for. You end up shoving him down a well and going back down to your ‘dungeon’ to get another zombie.

Ending 2 – The Kid 


So the second round, your final zombie is this snot nosed kid. The zombie kid then turns into a literal kid. Just like the old man, you end up pushing him down a well and heading back to get another zombie. Sorry kid, better luck next time.

Final Ending! 

Screenshot_2016-04-29-18-04-41 (1).jpg

So at the end, you get this research looking zombie – who has a snack tail that eats (?) Anyway he turns into your gorgeous beloved – and it seems to be all rainbows and sunshine. Except the scene cuts away, to a POV of the real  ‘beloved’. He was apparently trapped by you in a dungeon. After you have achieved your perfect zombie boyfriend, you murder the real unrequited love.

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