I tried to make Candy Sushi….and it did not go well


So this weekend, I found out a combination of boredom and lack of co-ordination make for a big mess. I had a box of the ‘Poppin Cookin’ Candy sushi in my cupboard. Essentially how it works is that you have different packets of powder, each pack is representative of a certain part of the dish, which you then pour into the directed section of the provided plastic shape, and mix with water. The water and powder mix to form some sugary, jelly creation. I found my packet for about $8 in a  local Chinese grocery store 🙂



The hardest part was working out how much water to put in each section, sometimes I 20160507_151754.jpgwould put too little, and other times too much. Unfortunately my ‘egg roll’ turned into some strange gooey consistency and was a lost cause. I did have a lot of fun making it all though!  I was excited the the grey packet made a black paste which you used to look like seaweed on the onigiri and panda roll that you make. It was just so invention and genius!

Below is my end result – but no matter how it looks the most important thing is the taste! And it tasted absolutely horrible, I’m not sure if it was my cooking or not, but it was so sweet I honestly couldn’t deal. So while a lot of fun, and a great way to spend an afternoon, probably not the best to eat!

I really did try my best


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