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X Men Apocalypse….Maybe?

Straight off the hype of Captain America Civil War, audiences are directed to this new segment of the X Men series. X Men Apocalypse, when compared to the other X Men films is definitely a front runner, but still falls short of Marvels standard.  The opening scenes take us to Ancient Egypt, where a mutant is transferring himself into another mutant’s body. Not much is explained, except that we assume he’s the bad guy when rebel soldiers demolish the pyramid, killing his 4 followers and trapping him.  In the modern day, Moira finds a cult worshipping the ancient mutant and accidentally awakens him (good job Moira). The mutant, Apocalypse, seeks out 4 new companions and plans to reap the world of filfth and create a new world for mutants.


The film sets itself up to be pretty darn fantastic. Apocalypse claims to be the first mutant,  there’s a young Jean (Sophie Turner) and STORM! But all the best components of this film are completely under used, instead pushed aside for the same old bromance between Xavier and Erik. I’m always up for a good bromance, but not when it’s as repetitive as this. Erik gets pissed and goes bad, Xavier reminds him of what a good guy he is, Erik says soz, they’re friends, Erik leaves and eventually will be an asshole again.

My Queen

So while the focus is on Xavier and Erik, key points of the film are overlooked. Who is Apocalypse? Is he really the first ever mutant? Why the hell does he design clothes and give people hair cuts? Honestly, the most versatile super villain I’ve ever seen. The film expects audiences to just go along with whatever it throws at it, without thinking too hard. Bro.gifWhat really annoyed me, is as a non-comic book reader I was so excited to get more back story about Jean. And she’s just pushed to the side. I LOVE Sophie Turner in Game of Thrones, but where the hell did all that Sansa Stark strength go in this film? She just murmurs her way through lines, and stares intensely at the camera, not doing anything helpful until the last 5 minutes of the battle. Storm’s actress (Alexandra Shipp) was the fiercest actress I’ve seen in a long time, but again she’s underused. Also who the heck was Psylocke!? She barely spoke and just jumped around trying to kill people. Really disappointing for such an amazing character.

Really bad ass, but could have used more development

But on to the good; Evan Peters as Quicksilver was fantastically charismatic, as was Kodi Smit-McPhee as Night Crawler. I can’t fault the special effects, they were fantastic – especially with the displays of Erik’s power. Ultimately the story line could have been a lot better, it needed tightening in some areas and to have more detail in others. Some really great characters and actors were underused. Ultimately the film was alright for a superhero movie, but I know it can do a lot better.

I give it a 7/10

4 thoughts on “X Men Apocalypse….Maybe?

  1. I can’t wait to see more Quicksilver in this one. I haven’t seen it yet but the reviews have definitely be mixed. The first X-men movie will always be my favorite but I’ll definitely be checking this one out. Are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms?

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    1. Quicksilver is such a babe in this one, love him so much. Ooh yeah the first Xmen was such a classic! Let me know what you think of Apocalypse when you watch it ^^! Currently just sticking to wordpress, although I do have a tumblr ( and a instagram (Merry_Adventures) 🙂


      1. Definitely a babe! Will do!

        I’ll be sure to check those out. Well, if you’re ever interested, I’d love to help you get your writing seen on Moviepilot. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you’re keen, you can find my contact details on my About page. 🙂

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