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Mayoiga: The village that should have stayed lost

Everyone wants that chance sometimes to just disappear from society. When the pressures get too much, and you just want a break, I guess a lost village in the middle of nowhere sounds like heaven. At least it did for a bus full of online users, who found a hidden tour to Nanaki Village:the lost village. Nanaki village has been considered a refuge for other individuals who want to escape society, yet when the new group arrives they find the village empty. If that wasn’t enough, they have to also deal with a monster in the surrounding forrest and also learn to live with one another. 

For a group of about 25 people, it’s astounding how not even one of them as a drop of common sense. From attempting to murder a girl they believed was a ghost to randomly wandering off (while there’s a monster around), I’m honestly suprised that most of them have survived till the latest episode.  Their collective stupidity is one thing, but what’s even worse is the characters themselves. The main character, Mitsumune, blindly believes whatever Misaki says because he has a feeling about her (aka he has the hots for her), there’s a random girl continuously screaming that someone should be executed and a couple that PDA non-stop.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.53.09 PM.jpg
At least if he dies, he talked to a girl!

The characters in this series are absolutely shocking. The main problem is, that there are just too damn many of them. I’ve watched about 9/12 episodes, and I can probably remember the names of about 5 of the group? There’s not enough time to go in depth to each character. The ‘monster’ in the series is reflective of one’s past traumas, each character’s trauma is shown in a 2 minute segment which seems incredibly rushed and one dimensional. Some traumas get a bit confusing – such as the guy who wanted to join the army, and injected silicone into his head to make himself taller. I get that it hurts, but not enough detail is shown for audiences to understand how that trauma is a physical manifestation of his failure and shame.

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The three main characters, Mitsumune, Misaki and Hayato are by far the worst. Mitsumune is weak, and incredibly frustrating. He acts like a nice guy, but pretty much just goes along with whatever as long as it gets a girls attention, particularly Misaki’s. Misaki knows a lot more than she lets on, but rather than telling the group speaks in riddles and almost gets herself killed. Hayato would have been my fave (having said my favourite line I’ve ever head in an anime), but his friendship with Mitsumune, having been revealed as him mimicing the controlling relationship he has with his parents, wasn’t very believable.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.45.48 PM.jpg
I laughed so hard I cried when he said this line

Quite a few people have been comparing this series to ‘Another’ or ‘Charlotte’. I haven’t seen ‘Charlotte’, but absolutely loved ‘Another’.  I think this series had the potential to be as interesting and intense as ‘Another’, but seriously ruined it with their characters. The series would have done a lot better with about 5-7 characters, with time to go in depth into each’s background and motivations for wanting to leave society. Some characters are really interesting, but the annoying ones outnumber them.  The series also tends to mention important issues and then quickly jump away from them. For example one of the males in the group wanted to assault Misaki, she’s assumed to have escaped and everyone begins hounding her, and almost shamming her.

Ultimately, this series was a major disappointment, definitely had the potential to be a stand out for this season of anime.                             5/10 

8 thoughts on “Mayoiga: The village that should have stayed lost

  1. That’s definitely the problem with the Lost Village, wasted potential. They had a great set-up and a creepy atmosphere and then, instead of getting the audience to know or care about any of the characters, they’ve just added random plot twist after random plot twist to the point where nobody cares what’s going to happen because any prediction is about as good as the next one.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Definitely! It was really frustrating, I was really invested in the concept but then it was just such a let down. I’ve heard there’s a manga as well, so maybe I’ll check that out and hope it’s a bit better 🙂


  2. This is a very good review of the currently-airing train (bus?) wreck! I want to say it’s getting better by the end, but oh god, would that be lying? Also, I thought Hayato was a pretty cool guy, though my favorite all along was the woman who sort of organized the tour. IDK where she even went, is she still there? Anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the finale brings . . . though it won’t be character development, that’s for sure XD

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    1. Hehe thank you! I’m kind of hoping that at the end there’s going to be this crazy twist, that makes it all worth it. Haha, I agree, best we can hope so is maybe one kind of fleshed out character >_<!

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