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So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and more often than not it’s filled with terrible news. But, (thankfully), this one is actually exciting!


So while I haven’t been able to change the website url, I have changed the name of the my blog. It’s now called ‘Two Happy Cats’ rather than Kuro Sama Reviews. That’s because I actually got a new cat about a month or so ago! Her name is Merry and she’s just the sweetest kitten ever. I figured it wouldn’t be fair to keep the website only for Kuro, so now that I’ve got two cats I figured  ‘Two Happy Cats’ sounded pretty alright!


You can see the new logo above – I hope you all like it :)!


You may have noticed I’ve also changed my blog theme. That’s because I recently started up a number of different social media accounts. I wanted to showcase these accounts on my front page so that I can interact and meet lots of bloggers on different media and chat to them. Also, I’ve also got a gallery of my instagram pics, so you can see the adventures I go on, if I don’t get a chance to write it up. At the moment I have a

Tumblr:  Mainly just funny pictures or cool gifs I find

Instagram:  Pictures of my adventures and cats

Twitter:  Just started this

Etsy:  Just a link to the stickers and cards i make

Please let me know if you have any of these accounts below so I can follow you 🙂



Since I know that I go ages without writing anything, I figured I would include two ‘Feature’ days, so I at least have 2 posts a week! I hope you enjoy them.

Manga Mondays:

So Manga Mondays will be pretty much a manga that I’ve read before or am reading. I could be praising a series or ranting about one. It should be very interesting. I’ll also try to branch out on what kinds of manga I read – I tend to swing between Shounen and Josei, but I might try some Shounen ai and Shoujo!

If anyone has any recommendations please let me know 🙂

Freaky Fridays: 

Hehe sorry for the creepy image below! I’m starting up a new weekly write up – ‘Freaky Fridays’. In this segment I’ll be writing about Horror films, tv shows, anime and manga that I read/watch. I’ll also be writing up some urban legends that I’ve heard, and creepy experiences that I’ve heard. Just anything and everything to do with Horror! I hope you all will enjoy it ^_^

My Freaky Fridays header – hope it’s not too creepy! 


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve recently gotten a new kitten. So first things first – here’s a picture of her! She’s absolutely lovely 🙂

20160517_094959 (1).jpg
Look at my baby! 


Ok so on to other Life things. I actually graduated University last Friday, my actual ceremony will be in September. I’m planning to move down to Melbourne for my Masters, but that will be early next year, so for the next 6 months or so I’ll just be working casually or relaxing. Which means I’ll have a lot more time to work on my blog!

Also hopefully this will mean that I can go on more adventures, such as checking out food around Sydney or special events. Speaking of which, in about a week or so, I will be heading to the Sydney Supernova. Which is Sydney’s biggest pop culture convention. I’ll be tweeting lots of pics and experiences so please keep a look out for them. I’ll also write a blog post about my experiences, and if I get enough stuff a Supernova haul post 😀


In August, I’ll be heading to Europe for a month. During that time I probably won’t have much access to wordpress as I won’t be bringing my laptop along. But I’ll try to post via my mobile, and definitely will be instagramming heaps of pictures. When I get back I shall write up a dumpling adventures series! I’ll actually write all the things I did up, not like when I went to Seoul for a month and had like 10 activities written up >_<!


That’s pretty much it at the moment! Thank you for reading through everything, and thank you to all my followers and everyone who reads my blog. It really inspires me to keep working hard at writing up reviews and other articles!


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    1. Thank you :)! I do all my own designs, but the drawings are usually from a comic and I’ve just added a colour background. I also do my own gif animations :D! It was only in this post that I got the gifs from google images 🙂

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  1. Oh my goodness! Is that a sweet little ragdoll? She/he looks adorable! I have two myself as well 🙂 Looks like you have some exciting plans for the future! Good luck to you!

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  2. Awwww massive updates are the best AND YOU GOT TWITTER AHHHHH AND YOU CAT IS ADORABLE AS HELL is she a ragdoll ?

    You have a ETSY STORE SO LOOKING AT THAT !! I love all this change you’ve done and new features wohooooo good for you my dear and your going to my home land EUROPE !! exciting your going at a good time SUMMER !!!!

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    1. Thank you 😀 ❤ !! I hope you like the Etsy store ^_^ Yep she's a ragdoll :3 Ooh do you have any recommendations of places to check out :)? I'm honestly so pumped, I'm going to visit one of my really good friends who I haven't seen for ages ^_^

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      1. Oh wonderful and I can’t really recommend anywhere in those places. I went to spain when I was younger but when your in spain I would recommend visiting a winery or having some of their cheese I know it’ll be a devine experience. your going to some nice places. are you going on a cruise?

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