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Ibitsu – My little sister can’t be this creepy!? Freaky Friday

Having been nagged by his landlady, Kazuki takes the trash outside to the curb. As he approaches he notices a strange figure seated in the middle of the bags. As he approaches he realises it’s a strange woman, she turns to him and asks “Do you have a younger

Edward Cullen level creeper

sister?” Kazuki’s  answer (yes) begins a terrifying manga of obsession and terror as the woman stalks and hounds Kazuki. Not only hoping to ‘become’ his little sister, but to be his ONLY little sister. From breaking into Kazuki’s flat to watch him as he sleeps to killing all those that he loves. This crazed lolita will do anything for her ‘Big Brother’. The 2 volume series by Ryou, Haruto is filled with grotesque deaths, terrifying images and a deep unsettling feeling.


The story keeps you guessing on what will happen next. Honestly, it’s more about what crazy stuff the Lolita girl will do next! The characters were all very believable and relatable, which I find most Horror manga struggle with. This added an extra ‘creepy’ dimension to the manga, as audiences could almost see themselves reacting in a similar way to the situations that arise. My main critique is that it would have been nice to get a longer in depth look into the Lolita woman’s back story. The second half of the series is spent with Kazuki investigating her institutionalisation, but I felt a few more chapters could have been spent dealing with her home life. But this is just a personal preference, probably from my psychology background – I always like to see exactly what makes characters tick in detail.

I mean, is this special Lolita power or something?

I also felt that Ryou blurred the lines between the Lolita being human or a demonic presence. In a sense I felt it made her a lot more of a terrifying presence, but at the same time it made the series a little bit confusing. There are also a few smaller points in the smaller that kind of irked me. For example, the police not believing Kazuki and his real sister when they reported the stalker. This seems to be something that happens a lot in manga and anime – a portrayal of police never taking the younger generation seriously. It would be interesting to see why this is. Another small point was that I was surprised Kazuki and his sister never warned their parents about what was happening, or that Kazuki never tried to move. Again small points, for a manga that I doubt is meant to be taken too seriously.

Ultimately the series was quite enjoyable. If anything, it made me glad that I was an only child – although it seems that no matter what you answer to the Lolita woman you’re dead. So lesson learnt – don’t talk to lolita strangers sitting in garbage! 7/10

Seriously don’t talk to them


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    1. Yeah it’s very strange! It’s an interesting contrast to Western media where police are usually depicted as ready to kick butt (and the occasional donut joke :P) I might do some research into it :)!


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