Catmosphere Cat Cafe – Dumpling Adventures

On Saturday I headed to Sydney’s first ever Cat Cafe – Catmosphere. I’d actually been meaning to head there for a while, seeing some interesting cat yoga events on Facebook, but life always got in the way. Anyway, the Cafe has 2 main rooms – one upstairs which is for the adult cats, and one downstairs for the kittens. To spend time with the big kitties it’s $20 for one hour, a free drink and cookie, for the kittens it’s $22 for half an hour, a free drink and cookie.  Funds from the cafe go towards the care and socialisation of rescue cats -so not only do you get to hang out with some awesome kitty cats, you’re also helping out a whole bunch of them!

The Catmosphere Cafe is about a 10-15 minute walk from the Central Station, Elizabeth Street exit. The cafe itself is really well organised, most guests book in online, arriving 10 minutes before their session. Once you’ve arrived you give your drink order to the 20160615_110139wonderful people down stairs and can go to the cats with your drinks. However food is not allowed with the cats – so you’ll have to eat afterwards! The booking system is organised so that only 10-12 people will be in the cat room at any time, and 5 people in the kitten room.

So my friend and I went to the adult cat room, mainly cause I’ve got my kitten Merry at home – didn’t want to make her too jealous! The room is kept incredibly clean, even the litter boxes are hidden away in this really cool box. The manager of the store comes in and out of the room and interacts with the cats a bit to help them warm up to you. He’s also really great and making sure people don’t do anything upsetting to the cats – such as picking them up. The cats in the room are rescue cats, and all really friendly and sociable. I only had a bit of an issue with the cat in my instagram picture. The cat did try to bite me and a few other people. But I find a lot of cats try to bite you as a form of playing – so it wasn’t a big deal 🙂

Another happy kitty

Overall it was an absolutely awesome experience, the drinks were great and the cat-shaped ginger bread cookie at the end was such a sweet touch! I wish the cafe had put the names of the cats around the room, but it was also a bit of fun making up names for the cats. My favourite one I named ‘Charlie’ but I forgot to take a picture of him/her! The hour goes by so quickly, but on the website it says if you go at a quiet time you can spend as long as you want in there. It doesn’t look like the cafe ever has a quiet moment though!

For more details about Catmosphere Cafe you can see the website here

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