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Get the Holy Water it’s ‘The Conjuring 2’ : Freaky Fridays

Get yourself a rosary and some holy water, our favourite ghost busting, demon destroying couple is back in ‘The Conjuring 2’. The film is focused on the Enfield cases, on the most infamous cases of a Poltergeist haunting, that occurred between 1977 and 1979. The family consisted of a single mother, and her four children, who were being haunted by a previous occupant of the house – an old man. But as the film will show, the old man, isn’t the only essence that the family has to worry about.

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We’re introduced to the family, just as we were in the first family, a loving, happy family with their own sets of problems. Just the kind of people who are just barely hanging on, but support one another.  Janet, the second child, begins sleep walking and hearing voices at night. These begin to intensify until furniture is moving all around the house and apparitions appear. The family eventually try to move into a nieoghbour’s house but the presence follows them. Ed and Lorraine Warren are called in by the church as independent investigators – there’s too much media attention for the church to get involved directly. The film features incredibly twists and turns as the Warrens attempt to uncover exactly what is happening with the family, as well as deal with their own demons.

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James Wan, as with his other films, creates incredibly realistic characters, which audiences can connect with. We can see ourselves in their situations, adding to the frightening atmosphere of the film. I always love his touch of adding in little features to each of his characters that audiences can conner to – for example the oldest sister being obsessed with boy bands. Especially in this film, I really enjoyed the focus on the Warren’s relationship and love for one another. This film was as much a horror story as it was about love and commitment.

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My only concern with the film was that there were so many elements added in. Because of this, the film dragged on in some areas, but also didn’t explain enough in others. The film featured, the creepy old man, the crooked man and this intense demon in the guise of a nun. Just all together, it got a bit too much, and distracted audiences.

Also some aspects of the film were incredibly frustrating from a common sense point of
view. Early in the film Ed Warren, has a dream about the nun demon and paints a portrait of it – now I don’t know about you, but if I had a dream about a demon I would be bathing in holy water, not painting its portrait.  Other points, which are just characteristic of horror films such as – not switching on the lights when it’s dark, exploring at night, conversing with the demon etc.

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*spoilers* One main element of the film was the ‘nun’ demon, who followed the Warrens, trying to challenge Lorraine’s faith. The demon then used the ghost of the old man in England to terrorise this family and draw the Warrens out. Now, I don’t mean to question a demon’s motives, but why on earth would the demon make the Warrens travel half way around the world – when it could also attack them in their own home!? *end spoiler* 


Overall it was a great film, I always enjoy any work by James Wan. Some aspects of the film could have been tightened or removed to make  more cohesive story. That being said, I did loose quite a big of sleep over the last 2 nights since I’ve watched it. 8/10


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