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Childhood Ghost Stories: Freaky Friday

So I thought for this ‘Freaky Friday’ I could change things up a bit. I figured for today, I might share some ghost stories that I heard as a child. Now by no means am I a great writer, and I for sure cannot get the suspense needed to write a good story. But figured it might be fun to write two of the ones that really stuck with me out.

If you guys know of them, have variations or even have some other really cool ones – let me know down in the comments! 

Candy will give you a stomachache

Charlie lived with his family in a small house on a cobbled lane. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the village, but Charlie always enjoyed the candy shop that was right in the village centre. His parents never let him anywhere near it, but always Charlie dreamed of going in.

One Saturday morning, Charlie’s mother sent Charlie down to the shops to grab some chicken liver for their dinner. Now Charlie hated every part of a chicken, but especially the liver. But off he went with his money in pocket. Ss he walked towards the butchers shop he passed by the dreamy candy store. Looking in, the poor boy could barely resist. He quickly went in and used up all the money to get honeycomb, gummies and gobstoppers.

By the time Charlie had finished devouring his evidence it was getting late. Charlie knew that his mother would be wondering where he was, but more importantly why he didn’t have any chicken liver. Charlie began thinking hard, probably harder than he ever had in his entire life. Then a light bulb turned on, Charlie ran over to the old cemetery on the other side of town. He quickly spotted what he needed, a fresh grave and began digging.

Later that night, Charlie’s mother scolded him for not touching his food. Charlie excused himself from the table and went up for an early night. He couldn’t stand the sight of his parents slurping down what he had dug up. In bed he tossed and turned, until about 2 am he heard a quiet whisper from his window.

“Charlie, I’m at the window, I’m coming to get you.”

Charlie curled further into bed, believing it to be the wind.

“Charlie, I’m at the door, I’m coming to get you”

Charlie pressed his hands to his ears.

“Charlie, I’m in the living room, I’m coming to get you.”

“Charlie, I’m at your door, I’m coming to get you.”

“Charlie, I’m in your room, I’m coming to get you.”

“Charlie, I see you.”

The next morning Charlie’s parents came to wake him up. But when they opened the door what they found was their poor child sprawled across the bed with his liver missing.



George and Helen were coming back from their latest weekend trip. As a couple, they loved to spice up their day to day routine by planning elaborate weekend trips. Cabins in the woods, snorkelling, snowboarding  – whatever suited the weather. This weekend they had gone wine tasting, and Helen was still feeling giddy from the wines the day before.

As they got onto the highway they heard an emergency broadcast on their radio.

Attention: Anyone travelling along Highway 49. Beware of an escaped patient at a criminal psychiatric facility. If you see him, do not approach. He may be armed with a hook. Call emergency services. Again, if you see him, do not approach. 

George laughed good heartedly. That was George, he always thought he was invincible. The couple had few more good hours of driving until they got home. Helen began to dose off.

When she woke up, the car was on the side of the road. Cars were speeding past them, and George was cursing under his breath. The gas had run out. Yep, good old George, invincible and incredibly forgetful. George began to get out of the car, probably to hail down another car to help them out. Helen’s eyes, heavy with sleep began to fall…she quickly went back to the world of dreams.

Helen woke up to the sound of a screech across the side of the car. She jumped up and quickly looked around – she couldn’t see anything or anyone. She couldn’t see George. The sky was dark, and she couldn’t see George. Where the hell was George? Again she heard that scratching, like nails on chalkboard, like a cat with its tail stepped on, like metal on metal. Like a hook on metal.

Helen stayed in the car, fumbling with her phone. She quickly called emergency services and within the hour they had arrived. The whole time she waited, she didn’t dare step out of the locked car. But what she did begin to hear, instead of that scratching was the sound of drumming.

Once the officers had arrived, together they began looking through the woods for George. Helen gripped on to the officer, keeping her eyes closed as they moved closer and closer to the drumming. Suddenly the drumming stopped, and Helen looked up. Before her, was as man, a hook lying next to him. In his hands were two strong branches, and between his legs – George’s head, battered by the drumming.




Thanks for reading them! As I mentioned before, if you have any cool childhood ghost stories, let me know down in the comments. It’s funny how creative kids can get with stories :)!