My Pokemon Gym Tag – Becoming The Mother of Dragons

A big thank you to josefcd904 from The Reviewer’s Corner for allowing me to finally fulfil my dream of being the Mother of Dragons – well Pokemon Dragons at least :P. Joe’s blog is full of really interesting anime, and manga discussions. I really enjoy his posts – so please go check his blog out!

So the idea of the Pokemon Gym tag came from Magnitude Reviews (another really awesome blogger). He wrote up his dream gym after being inspired by a youtuber called BirdKeeperToby. So now it’s up to me to continue the Pokemon gym tradition and introduce you to my gym!

Dragon Type Gym

I would like my gym to be the final gym, the idea behind my gym is to instil all the values in the trainer before they go on to fight the elite four. Just because a trainer is stronger, doesn’t make them a Pokemon master. I want trainers that come through my gym to know the importance of not only bonds with their Pokemon, but also to respect themselves and their fellow trainers.

Town Design & Gym Design

I really liked Laverre Town in Pokemon X and Y, it had a very calming feel to it. I also like

Artist interpretation of Laverre Town – Don’t know the artist, if anyone knows let me know down in the comments!

the idea of building the town as part of nature – rather than just bulldozing nature away. Again, going into the lessons of my gym – the importance of respect to the things around you. Also I love the idea of having a cafe in town where little dragon type Pokemon can come up and hang out with you!

I’d love to keep with the fairy tale atmosphere of my town inside my gym as well. I’d like my gym to be on the side of the town, behind a waterfall (haha I know so dramatic!). Trainers have to go through a large cavern, which is lit up with glow worms. I really hope seeing such a wonderful sight together with their Pokemon, brings them all closer together. The gym would have a separate area – not available to trainers, where myself and the other members of my gym would chill out and actually train. We’d only battle trainers in the cave for the theatrics of it 😛

Glow worm cave for my gym!



I’d actually really love for the challengers in my gym to be reformed members of past ‘enemy’ groups in Pokemon games. Members from Team Galatic, Plasma, Rocket and especially team Aqua! It’d just really emphasis the healing power of Pokemon. I’d like to think that a lot of the individuals in these teams went there, not because they were evil but because they just wanted a sense of belonging. Some of the later teams were almost trying to do things for the good of Pokemon – in a really twisted way.  The Challengers would have variations of Sliggoo, Shelgon, Garchomp and Zweilous.

team aqua friends.png
We’d also do silly things like going to haunted houses together

Gym Leader Quote, Clothes and Badge

“We train in the cave’s darkness because we trust our dragons and each other to forge the path ahead. Are the bonds in your team like ours? Are they as strong as dragon scales?”

Hehe I know, it’s kinda cheesy, but aren’t all Pokemon gym leader quotes like that?

8f55d0662e1dba898f9d58616d357036Can I just say I would rock the heck out of this dress? I love how from the waist down the design is almost like scales. The colour would also match the glow worms in the cave. I’d also love to have an Iron Throne behind me – but hey I can only wish for so much 😛

Sorry I wasn’t able to design my own gym badge, but I’d love something like a dragon curled up into itself. With one eye open – ever watchful! Along with the gym badge I’d give Dragon Pulse TM59 !


My Pokemon Team

I’d have a  small Pokemon team of only 4. Kind of realised I’m having a bit of a blue theme, but hey it’ll look cool in the dark.

Level 47 Dragonair

dragonair luciana fire emblem.jpg

Had to have my daughter from Fire Emblem Awakening also with my dragon 😛


Level 45 Kingdra


Level 48 Altaria


Level 50 Charizard Mega Evolution X



I really hoped you enjoyed my Dragon gym! I had so much fun thinking it up and writing about it. I really want to go and dive into the Pokemon game and become a gym leader! Maybe Pokemon Go will evolve into a virtual reality game at some point

Nominees, I choose you! 

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I hope you all have fun with it 🙂 Also link to feature image by Sa-Dui

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14 thoughts on “My Pokemon Gym Tag – Becoming The Mother of Dragons

  1. “Just because a trainer is stronger, doesn’t make them a Pokemon master.”
    Agreed!! Wow, can I challenge you sometime for a badge ;)?
    Pokemon is the dream we all want but can never have, which stinks.
    Thanks so much for including me in such a fun tag! I’ve always wondered about having my own gym. Are we allowed to have different types or do we want to stick to the traditional one type gym?

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    1. Thank you :D! That would be awesome – you’re always welcome at my gym 😛 Hmm, I’m not sure, but as long as it’s your gym you should be able to do whatever you like! You can create an entirely new gym system!

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  2. This is pretty cool. I like the quote you made and I think having a Dragon gym would be epic to fight in. I like the choices for your Pokemon especially with Mega Charizard. 🙂

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      1. Looks like I might to bring in ice and dragon types to fight you. My gym has water type Pokemon. I should Palkia XD. Palkia is a water and dragon Pokemon. Lol

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