D.Gray-Man Hallow (Episode 2-4): Everything I Hoped and Dreamed

I am so SO happy with how this series is developing. I used to read the D.Gray-man comics, then watched the anime, and eventually completely gave up with that hiatus. But this series has brought back all the love and excitement I have for the story and characters.    For a recap of episode 1 click here and for episodes 5-10 click here., but for a super quick recap – Hallow begins roughly after the end of the first anime series – the destruction of the Order Headquarters. In episode 1 Allen’s link to Mana and the 14th is examined, and Cross Marian is shown to be possibly dead.

D.Gray-man Hallow Link protects Timothy.jpg

A New Exorcist!

Now on to the events of the last 3 episodes. Cross Marian’s body has disappeared, but he’s assumed to be dead. Allen and Lvellie (the guy with the creepy moustache) suspect one another. Allen, Kanda, Marie and Link are called away to investigate a series of robberies caused by a phantom thief. Through an unusual encounter with the thief, it’s learned that he has the ability to transfer himself into other’s bodies. What’s even more surprising is that he’s just a kid (Timothy), trying to save money up to save the orphanage he lives in. When the exorcists go to the orphanage and try to convince him to join (or kidnap him) the order, Akuma attack. Timothy learns to use his powers with the help of a manifestation of it that talks to him, named Tsukikami.

D.Gray-man Hallow Timothy

Besides Timothy joining the exorcists, there was one other important point in the recent episodes. Allen, used his Crown Clown to stab a Akuma and also himself. The Crown Clown shouldn’t have hurt Allen, but it did. Was the Crown Clown trying to attack the 14th inside of Allen?

D.Gray-man Hallow 14th Appears.jpg
Goddamn the 14th is hot


A new TYPE of exorcist!?

D.Gray-Man Hallow 3rd Exorcists.jpg

OKAY So these guys finally joined the party. These are from the third exorcist program – as the picture says, using matter from the Akuma egg and combining it with a human. This gives these ‘exorcists’ the ability to fight Akuma without using Innocence. They absorb the Akuma – essentially destroying the soul which is linked to it. It looks like in the next few episodes we may learn a bit more about Kanda’s past – which has been hinted at during the closing theme song. Especially Kanda’s link to the second exorcist program.


D.gray-man Hallow 12 Apostles.jpg

My favourites are back! With the awakening of the final Noah – Wisely, they’re all together now. Except for the guy that died in the last season – I guess he misses out. In Episode 4 the Noah family launched an all out attack against the Order. Targeting places around the world, with hundreds of thousands of Akuma. It looks like the next few episodes will feature a massive clash between members of the Noah family and some of the exorcists.

We can also see some inner turmoil with Tyki, as he recovers from his (almost) purification at the hands of Allen in the last series. The wounds are still hurting him. Although the turmoil didn’t last long, he quickly diced up one of the third exorcists! I can’t wait to see how his character develops in coming episodes!

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