I’m Going on an Adventure + Blog Plans

So on my last blog update post  I mentioned that I was heading off to Europe for a month. Well the time has (almost) come! I’m jetting off on Monday, and will be going around Spain, Portugal, Germany, Croatia and the Czech Republic. I’m ridiculously excited – but don’t worry I have already written up heaps of anime and manga posts that are scheduled to post while I’m away.

Merry Adventures travel.jpg

My upcoming trip gave me a really great chance to reflect on my blog and what I wanted to do with it. So I’ve decided to make my KuroSamaReviews wordpress blog, purely focused on anime and manga. I’ve now made a separate wordpress blog for my ‘Dumpling Adventures’ – except I’ve changed it to be called Merry Adventures! I figured since I’m using the brand ‘Two Happy Cats’, I should have a blog for each cat. You can find my Merry Adventures blog here – https://merryadventuresblog.wordpress.com ! If you’re interested in what I get up to in Europe check it out – I’ll be writing regularly. But if you’re only keen on my anime and manga posts, no worries. KuroSamaReviews will keep with those posts, and only those 🙂

Merry Adventures blog Two Happy Cats.jpg


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