Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Mirai-hen Episode 2 & 3

Finally things are starting to get a bit intense with this series. Last time we left off  Naeki has been accused of helping the Remnants of Despair. The Future Foundation is deciding what to do with him, but they’re suddenly attacked. They awaken in a room to find the high school housekeeper dead (Yukizome). I gotta admit, the number of characters in both Mirai hen and Zetsubou hen has thrown me – I can barely remember any of them. I finally found a chart of the characters – so I’ll put that at the end of the post for reference. Also I’m putting off watching Zetsubou hen until I finish playing the Danganronpa 2 game 🙂

Danganronpa Mirai Hen Traitor.png

The future foundation awaken and find themselves in the middle of their own fight to survive game. And just like any game there are rules. Amongst them is one traitor,  the group will be knocked out by sleeping gas and once they awaken one of them will have been killed by the traitor. If they find and kill the traitor then the game is over. Each participant also has a wristband – this features a ‘forbidden action’, if this action occurs they will die. Unfortunately this was how we lost Bandai, the big guy with the high pitched voice. His forbidden action was to see violence – and of course as soon as the rules were explained everyone went crazy. We’re also told that the game is broadcast across the world!

Danganronpa despair.png

Some characters immediately suspect Naeki, especially Munakata – the guy with the really bad haircut and wearing a white suit. He and Sakakura (the gangster looking guy) try to attack Naeki. However with the help of other participants Naeki escapes. He, Aoi and the Great Gozu (the guy with the metal helmet) eventually team up and try to find a place to hide. The first wave of gas hits – we originally think Aoi is dead, but actually it’s Gozu. In episode 3, Aoi, Naeki and Gekkogahara (the computer girl) team up to try to find an intercom. Naeki announces his forbidden action – no running in the hallways – to try to gain everyone’s trust. Munakata finds him and thus begins the stand off between the two ‘Hopes’. Other characters begin attacking one another and falling into ‘despair’.

Mirai Hen Hope .jpg

One aspect of Danganronpa, that I’ve always been frustrated with, is how convoluted they talk, it may be a translation issue though. During the stand off, Munakata starts talking about how Naeki’s hope is actually despair, as he gives people too much hope, and then they become let down. While Munakata aims for a realistic level of hope. It was interesting to hear, and the different life perspectives, but was also a bit awkward. To be honest, I’m actually thinking that Munakata is the traitor. His ideals are too strong, and he didn’t seem too upset when the woman he loved died. Anyway, we shall find out with the upcoming episodes! Also maybe in the next episode they’ll find a light switch – the last two eps were so dark!


5 thoughts on “Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Mirai-hen Episode 2 & 3

  1. I have my eye on Gekkogahara as the traitor. She just seems like she would have the most access to be able to pull something like that off. Either that or Tengen since he doesn’t seem very worried about the events going on.
    Poor Naegi though @_@ He just can’t catch a break. Even when he tries to talk things out, he just gets told that he’s too dangerous to keep alive.


    1. oooh interesting. That’s true, a lot of the characters seem a bit too chill about what’s going on. Although I remember in the first series Junko was one of the first people who died, so they could do the same thing and Bandai could turn out to be the traitor 😛 I know right! He’s just trying to keep everyone together 😦


      1. I think too many of them are jaded by how bad the world is. Which is why I love Naegi so much. He wants to find a way that isn’t fighting but he knows it’s also not that simple.


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