91 Days (Episodes 2-4)

This series is really living up to the hype of one of the best anime of the Summer season. You can read a quick recap of what happened in episode 1 here. Episodes 2,3 and 4 have got to be one of the most intense episodes of an anime series that I have watched in a long time. A lot of people have been comparing this series to Joker Game and Baccano – neither of which I have seen. Also fun fact that someone in the comments (on the streaming website I use) pointed out, the series is called 91 days because there’s 13 episodes, and you need to wait 7 days per episode, so 13 x 7 = 91. I was getting hopeful and thought there might actually be 91 episodes!

91 Days ass in lion skin

So Batman Avilio, is semi-accepted into the family. He’s invited to a big wedding where he introduces his friend’s beer a bit more. He also insults the groom with the sickest burn I’ve heard in  a while. This helps him get further into the good books with Nero and Vincente . Vincente  and another boy went to deliver some bootleg alcohol but were attacked by another family. Nero sanctions a revenge missions and Avilio volunteers. We’re introduced to old Mello again with a beard, but they’re unable to take him out. Instead they get his ‘minder’ who murdered the boy. Vincente  gets his revenge but Avilio shoots him. We find out that Avilio received a letter with the 3 names of the men who murdered his family – Nero, Nero’s pa and Vincente .

91 Days Avillio Nero Road Trip.jpg

Nero has the hide from the family after sanctioning the attack. So he and Avilio go on a little road trip together. It’s really great bonding time for the two of them, and gives Avilio a chance to question Nero about his involvement in his family’s murders. Avilio finds out that the letter lied, and there was actually 1 other unnamed person there. The two of them are also attacked by a hitman – who doesn’t really speak? So not much plot there, but still the series is shaping up to be really intense. I’m still getting a little lost with all the names – especially the families. But I’m sure I’ll pick it up soon.


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