Danganronpa Tag: What Ultimate High School Student Are YOU?

Hello everyone!

I thought I might make up a Danganronpa tag – just a fun way to get know my fellow bloggers. You don’t have to watch the series to participate.

The general idea of Danganronpa is that there is a high school called Hope’s Peak Academy. Each year the school ‘scouts’ elite individuals to be invited to study at their school – these individuals are considered the top in their field at something. It can be pretty much anything like housekeeping, nursing or photography. They’re given the name of ‘Ultimate’, so you can be the Ultimate High School Housekeeper or the Ultimate High School Nurse. For example Sonia Nevermind (below) is the princess of a European country. Other character’s who are ultimates are experts in there fields and have a really bright future ahead of them.


In the series, all goes well, until a sadastic little bear comes along and forces them to have a psychological battle with their very lives at stake. The ultimates have to face each other in a game of life and death.

I figured it’d be really great way for fellow bloggers to share parts of their personality or skills that their very proud of. And to make it a bit tricky – what life and death game would you participate in and would you survive!?

So without further ado, mine is below, you can use it as a reference.

Ultimate Cat Lady

ultimate cat lady.jpg

Without a doubt I would be the Ultimate High School Cat Lady. I would like to think that I have a house full of cats, open cat cafes around the world and even travel to help with breeding programs of endangered cat species.  I’d always have a few cats chilling out around me, with one cat always sitting on top of my head. At the school I would be very studious and always turn me up to class on time. But I’d probably not be very social,and be content with just chilling out with my cats during break time.

The ‘Game’

Hmm, this is kind of hard now that I’m at it. If you want you can use the games from the anime or games!

I think my game would be a bit odd. Everyone wakes up in a building, only to find the there is a copy of themselves! The game is that, each hour the two people have to convince the others which one of them is real. The two are exactly alike in every way – looks, clothes and personality.  The others vote and the one they vote for is ‘killed’. Of course one of the copies is just a robot.

It’s a game that tests how well members of the class know one another!

Death/ Survival



Unfortunately I think I would die in my own game. I swing between being incredibly extroverted and introverted which would really confuse my classmates. Also I’m just really bad at arguing. If someone asked me to prove that I was myself, I’d be at a complete loss.

Nominees – But Anyone Can Participate! – Click on their Ultimate Title to read their post 🙂

Matthew – Ultimate Human Resource

Aoishi11  – Ultimate Reader 

Rose Regine



Hijacked Cat – Ultimate Bae Collector 

17 thoughts on “Danganronpa Tag: What Ultimate High School Student Are YOU?

  1. Interesting tag! And I wasnt even surprised you’d be the Ultimate Cat Lady. But if I’d play your game I think I would win with 75% chance. I am slightly confident that I have distinguished myself enough for my classmates (if we’ve been classmates for a long time) to know the real me 😂 And I my survival instinct seems to be always dominant in me. But it’s just a game so I’ll be sorry later for everyone who dies 😈

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  2. Woa, this is a great one! I love me some DR ❤
    Those are difficult questions to answer tho! 😹😹
    I'm pretty sure I'd die, or maybe my instincts would flourish to the front and I'd ace it/or kill someone first. I'm very peaceful tho, and can't bear to see animals hurt or see them dying, so it'd be tough to survive :'D

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    1. Ooh I’ll add you to the list of nominees if you want to play too :D! Haha! It’s so hard to imagine how you’d react in such an intense situation >_<!


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