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Fuan no Tane + (Seeds of Anxiety): Freaky Fridays

‘Fuan no Tane +’is a horror manga series written by Masaaki Nakayama. Each chapter is only about 3-6 pages long, and deals  with a different ‘monster’ or entity. Supposedly each of the stories are based on a true story or an urban legend – each chapter usually features a year and place which just adds to the realistic feel. The series was even developed into a live action film under the name ‘Pet Peeve’.

Fuan No Tane + photograph.jpg
Never taking a photo again

Seeds of Anxiety giving me nightmares…

Currently the series is ongoing with 103 chapters, as mentioned before each chapter is incredibly short. The shortness of the chapter leaves a lot to the imagination, and stick with you long after you’ve finished reading them. For me, there were a few chapters that

Fuan No Tane Plus Flashlight Family.PNG
So much nope in one picture

really freaked me out. One was about a family during a black out, and the daughter was shining a flashlight around. Behind her family was a terrifying creature. I another chapter, a man is showing his friends a group photo which has a ghost in it. Readers often do not know what happens to the characters they are reading about. This only adds to the spookiness of the series.

This is probably one of the few series I don’t recommend for Horror beginners. While the drawings are pretty simplistic and there isn’t any gore, there’s just something about the series that haunts you.  Overall a solid 8/10, I would have loved the chapters have been a tad longer.



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7 thoughts on “Fuan no Tane + (Seeds of Anxiety): Freaky Fridays

  1. Oh my gosh, yes! I love Fuan no Tane, I remember reading it years ago and it scaring the living daylights out of me! I love scary stories and urban legends, being scared is so much fun sometimes! I don’t think I read Seeds of Anxiety, but I will definitely add it to my read list since you suggested it!

    Have you watched the anime Yamishibai? It’s similar to Fuan no Tane, episodic scary folk tales. Plus the art style is paper puppet theater style and it really adds to the creepiness of the stories!

    I am loving your Freaky Friday posts!!!

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    1. It’s so good, it’s incredibly how the mangaka can freak us out so much in just a few pages! Ooh no I haven’t, just google searched it and it looks incredible! I’ll watch it as soon as I’m back in Sydney 😀 :D! Thanks!!

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