Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Movie: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai

Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai is a BL anime film, based on the light novel of the same name by Nakamura Shungiku. The story is a spin off from her hugely popular series Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Set in a publishing house in the manga division, Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai focuses on the love story of the ‘bear’ sales manager and a manga editor. Prepare yourself for lots of doki doki (heart beating) moments!

The Case of Yokozawa Takafumi

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After being rejected by his first love, Takano Masamune, Yokozawa drowns his heart break at a bar. He wakes up butt naked, in a room with Zen Kirishima, a manga editor who he works with. Zen threatens Takano with pictures that he took the previous night and asks Takano to go out to drink and have dinner with him every night. They go from eating out, to eventually eating at Zen’s house, where Yokozawa is introduced to Zen’s 10 year old daughter. When Yokozawa’s cat gets sick, they move in together and their relationship begins to grow.Yokozawa begins realising that Zen is really trying to help him get over his heart break with Takano. Zen has been trying to distract him and also give him the strength to realise that the relationship wasn’t healthy.

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I was incredibly excited to see this film, I’ve been a long time fan of Nakamura’s work, and Yokozawa was an interesting character. I have to say I don’t think the film really did the story justice. There are random time jumps which are confusing – one moment Yokozawa has just arrived at work in the morning and the next Zen is dragging him to a bar to drink. While the focus was on Yokozawa, I would have liked to learn a bit more about Zen. Zen was a bit of a bland character, and I really did not like the fact that he had to ‘threaten’ Yokozawa with pictures to get him to go out. The focus on Yokozawa and Zen was only about a 40 minute film, which was disappointing, with more time their relationship could have been developed to be deeper.

Seeing a softer side to Yokozawa

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Yoko-chan and his kitty!

What I really did appreciate about this ‘film’ was seeing a different side to Yokozawa. In Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, he’s very much the ‘bad’ character – putting Ritsu down and trying to get in between him and Takano. It was a good way to learn about the heart ache that Yokozawa was going through. Just seeing him interact with his cat, and Zen’s daughter showed a much softer side to him. I also really enjoyed seeing the sensitive and innocent parts of him – how he was clinging on to his first love. I’m glad he found happiness in the end.

As I mentioned before, it was incredibly short, because of this, the parts dealing with Yokozawa’s heart ache were often very quick and superficial. I would have liked the series to delve a bit deeper. Especially how he’s recovering from his heart ache but is still falling in love with Zen – the series should have focused on how his relationship with Zen was different to his with Takano. Zen himself says that Yoko-chan’s and Takano’s relationship was one of dependency, one could argue that Yoko-chan was becoming dependent on Zen to get over Takano.

Valentine’s Day Shorts

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After the credits, there’s a 15 minute piece going through Yokozawa/ Zen and the other couples from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. The setting is Valentine’s Day, and how one of the halves of each couple struggles to get something for their other half. It was really adorable, especially Yokozawa/ Zen and Hatori/ Chiaki. In just a 5 minute segment you can really get the dynamics of the couples and also the personalities of each character. The only annoying part was that every couple besides Hatori/ Chiaki had one person who was too embarrassed to buy chocolate for their other – I would have liked a little bit more variation. Rather then every person being “I CAN’T BUY IT TOO EMBARRASSING!”

Overall I give the film itself a 7/10  It was really sweet and I always love the stories Nakamura comes up with, but I felt it had a lot more potential. Yokozawa deserved a really detailed love story and he wasn’t quite given that.

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15 thoughts on “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Movie: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai

  1. It certainly was good to see a different side of Yokozawa as opposed to him just being a jerk to Ritsu (thought admittedly Ritsu does seem to deserve it half the time). What I was really hoping to get from this was some closure for Yokozawa. It seems as though he’s still going to struggle in his relationship with Takano and I was hoping Zen could be more of an outlet for that. Well, guess we’ll see with season 3 comes out *desperately crosses fingers that there even is a season 3*

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    1. I definitely agree, it seemed a bit too quick for Yokozawa to get over Masamune and then fall in love with Zen, I almost didn’t really believe it. Especially with Yokozawa going ‘Oh Zen was trying to protect me from my heartache!’ just felt that Yokozawa deserved a much better story than that :/ YES I really want there to be a season 3!!!!

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      1. The manga is coming out pretty steadily in the states so right now that’s good enough for me 🙂


      2. Oooooh that’s good! I do this weird thing with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi where I binge read it from the beginning , and then leave it for 4 months, then binge read it from the beginning again, and so on.

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      3. Oh my gosh, I do exactly the same thing! I read the manga, watch the show and OVAs, then don’t look at it for like six months. But I love this series!


  2. I love love the series this was based on this, but haven’t watched this yet. I have a certain allergy to plopping down for a 1h+ movie, but definitely want to expedience this. I guess the other reason has been I’m not a great lover of Yokozawa for this story, because he definitely was meddlesome for Sekaiichi (^_^;)
    I’ve been craving a S3 for Sekaiichi, mostly because I’ve loved it way more than Junjou (which is to rape-y/forceful for my tastes at time), and I can’t read the manga when it’s still ongoing and I can’t suffer another unfinished work (┳Д┳)
    I agree that from your opinion it doesn’t sound as this having enough length, I really hate when that happens ;_;


    1. I honestly hated Yokozawa in the series, I pretty much yelled at my computer “LEAVE YOU STUPID MAN, LEAVE RITSU AND MASAMUNE TO THEIR LOVEY DOVEY ROMANCE” but this film really changes your perspective of him. But I think he deserved a lot more than a hastily thrown together film :/ I completely agree about Junjou, Usagi and Misaki, some parts of their story were just really questionable. I really like the doctor and editor though, they’re so cute ^_^

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        It’s nice that it changes our opinion of him, but agree that it sounds like it was rushed. Isn’t it a novel? I bet it’s way more fleshed out in it but we’ll never get it :/
        Oh yeah, Usagi and Misaki are super questionable specially how they start with Misaki as way younger than Usagi and getting basicly coerced and forced but yeah @_@
        The doctor and the editor is why I hold out for it. Tho I think the professor and the kid are cute, but I hope it stays chaste :’D

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      2. Ooh yeah it is. I’ll definitely check out the novel – after getting a taste of his real side, I realised Yokozawa is like a little cinnamon bun that must be protected. IT WAS! Oh my gosh I had this massive fight with a friend a few years ago about Usagi and Mistaki’s relationship – she genuinely did not see the problem with how forced it was. She just saw it as gentle pushing (!?) I’ve started skipping their chapters >__<


      3. Oh, if you read the novel do make a post about it, I’m quite curious!
        And wow, he’s a cinnamon bun? Now this I must really see, just thinking that makes me laugh when he’s such a tall, gruff guy \(★^∀^★)/
        How can they not see it when he’s both crying, saying no and obviously being forced at first encounter? @_@
        I haven’t been reading the manga, but I suspect reading them will lower the rating I’ll give the manga. But not reading them will also not be truthful to my rating or thoughts, so aaah
        Decisions ɾ◉⊆◉ɹ


      4. Shall do :D! Honestly I even surprised myself, at one point I was like “MASAMUNE LEAVE MY CINNAMON BUN ALONE, HE’S TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD!” I know right, some people are just so….*massive sigh cause there’s too many adjectives to use* ooh it’s hard!! Try it and see how you feel about it :D!


      5. I’m looking forward to it aaah (*≧∀≦*)
        That sounds delicious, and surprising! ⸍⚙̥ꇴ⚙̥⸌
        SMH at people that go blind for the sake of “romance” (;一ω一||)
        I’mma wait for it to finish first, I’m horrible at keeping up with releases as they go. I either binge to the end or I end up forgetting it exists xD;;


  3. “Yokozawa deserved a really detailed love story and he wasn’t quite given that.” ~couldn’t have put it any better, dear.

    I could not even bring myself to hate Yokozawa in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi as it is, knowing how much he just hurts inside. But after seeing YTNB movie, I’m simply hooked. And loving this couple way more than Takano/Ritsu. And indeed with Kiri~Yoko’s strong, mature, unique characterization, I agree that the 40-min movie did them no justice. Also lack of their story in the manga/omake. I wish they could receive more love (from author, also readers).

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    1. Thank you!! I’m so sorry for the (incredibly) late reply! Your comment got caught in my spam filter and I just found it. I really hope they put out a few more chapters celebrating this couple. Out of all the couples it’s the most realistic, and they’re just hella cute ❤


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