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Tales of the Unusual (Webtoon) – Freaky Friday

‘Tales of the Unusual’ is a LINE webtoon written by Seongdae Oh. The series features a number of stand alone short stories, each with an unusual theme. Although I would say ‘unusual’ is an understatement. Oh’s imagination is completely out of this world, stories range from stones that allow people to visit each other in their dreams to an elevator that helps people reset their lives. Oh’s stories are always unpredictable, with a twist ending that stays with you.

Tales of the Unusual Ghost Camera.jpg

Why I love Tales of the Unusual

Oh has a real skill in creating a great atmosphere and interesting story through minimal dialogue and time. Some of his stories are only 2 chapters long, and those are often some of the best ones. For example one short story featured a polaroid camera that could take photos of ghosts – the twist at the end really stuck with me! A few of his stories even have interesting moral messages. One of the more popular stories, and probably the longest at 11 chapters, ‘Beauty Water’ focuses on appearances. The story begins with a young woman who buys a product called ‘Beauty Water’, with the water and a hairdryer you can literally reshape your body. She soon gets addicted to it, and over the story we learn exactly how much she is willing to pay for her appearance.

Tales of the Unusual Beauty Water.jpg

I highly recommend this series, you can read it for free on LINE webtoons. The stories are fantastically structured, and imaginative. Some are more psychological thrillers, while others are geared towards a horror audience – there’s something for everyone. The only annoyance is waiting each week for a new chapter! 9/10 

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4 thoughts on “Tales of the Unusual (Webtoon) – Freaky Friday

  1. This sounds super twisted…and awesome! I love eerie, disturbing tales, so I’ll definitely have to check this out ☆(・ω・*)ゞ

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    1. It’s honestly one of my favourite twisted series. I really recommend it, and every chapter is just so different. It’s so wonderfully creepy 😀 😀


      1. I’ve already added it to my Line Webtoon subscriptions, when I find more time definitely need to read it then! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


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