My Cutie Devil Review & Endings

‘My Cutie Devil’ is a tap Otome game for mobile devices. The story is that you’ve found
this little ‘human’ and you have to look after them. As you go through the levels, your ‘cutie’ gets more items. At firs the only has a diaper on, but eventually he even draws pictures and eats grapes. You can tap on the floating items around ‘Cutie’ or feed him

My Cutie Devil playing.jpg
The little hearts are the ‘objects’ for this level

chocolate, which is replenished each hour, to level him up. By level 8, you are given 3
options for 3 different endings (which you can see below). After you clear one ending, you restart the entire game. Once you’ve played through all 3 endings you get a special image of your cutie.

The game is quite fun, and you can easily complete the game within a week. I tended to check it every now and then when I had a break. The items around Cutie replenish very quickly, but I usually waited till I had the maximum number of chocolate. Little tip from me – when you’re close to levelling up tap the items around Cutie – don’t feed him chocolate. Each time Cutie levels up, the items around him immediately replenish to max capacity – don’t waste your hard earned chocolate!

The endings – spoilers below!!!

My Cutie Devil

Ending 1 – Death

My Cutie Devil Ending 1Oops, sorry your cutie just remembered that he’s death. He’s come down to collect your soul, but now he’s fallen in love with you. Because he’s death, he has to be impartial so he takes your soul anyway. But that doesn’t stop him from feeling bad about it, he spends the rest of his days in eternal loneliness, thinking of the love he once had.








Ending 2 – AngelMy Cutie Devil Ending 2

Woot! Guess what? Your cutie is actually an angel come down to fulfil your greatest wish.
Strangely enough your wish was to have a living doll that you could love. But hey, why sweat the small stuff? You and your cutie can live together in happiness forever.








Ending 3- Best of Both Worlds

My Cutie Devil Ending 3So your cutie is still death himself, but rather loving you as a mortal, he does the next best thing. He helps you become ‘Death’ (or a grim reaper) too! Together you two love birds can love each other for all eternity, while collecting a few souls along the way. Congrats, I can’t wait to be invited to the wedding.









Special Image

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  1. Aww this is so cute, but I didn’t have the patience/kept forgetting it, so I just unistalled it, but those CG’s are super adorabs aaah (♥→o←♥)

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  2. Omg great review, just like I want, thank you so much. And I don’t want to end this game in first way, I think I take dis game a little serious and I love him LOL so is there any trick to end in third way or endings in order like u said?
    I want my happy ever after I don’t care 😦

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂 It’s been a while but I think the endings I’ve posted are in the order of which options you can choose ^^. If you want to end the 3rd way, I think you just have to choose the 3rd option 🙂


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