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Kouishou Radio (After Effects Radio)- Freaky Fridays

Now if Fuan No Tane Plus wasn’t enough for you, introducing one of Nakayama Maasaki’s other series, ‘Kouishou Radio’. Kouishou Radio, follows a similar structure of Fuan no Tane Plus. The series has 4 volumes, and chapters are quite short, but a tad longer than FNT +, being anywhere between 6 and 14 pages long. While Fuan No Tane Plus focused on urban legends and stories, Kouishou Radio is a bit more specific – it focuses on hair.That’s right, those long haired demons that we all fear in Japanese horror films now have their own manga series! Oh what joy!

Kouishou Radio  hair pulling.jpg
I thought I was safe with my pixie cut, apparently not

Interesting, I didn’t enjoy this series as much as I did FNT+. I really enjoyed the stand alone stories within FNT+, while Kouishou Radio did have a few stand alone stories it also had the ‘God of Hair’ theme. The god of hair was such a confusing idea and when the series ended never really explained. There’s an old village that gives the air of their deceased to the god, and then the statue reappear in the modern day? These chapters were also interspersed between the rest of the series, so it felt very disjointed. It also left audiences confused as to whether some chapters were relevant to the god of hair, or not.

Kouishou Radio  smoking face.jpg

One little detail that I really liked about the series, was that each chapter was named by a radio wave station. Ultimately the story didn’t really live up to Maasaki’s other works, but was still an incredibly interesting and spooky concept.. Definitely wouldn’t recommend reading the series at night time! 7/10

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5 thoughts on “Kouishou Radio (After Effects Radio)- Freaky Fridays

    1. Aww thank you :D! Yesss get back into it and join me on the horror side 😛 I’m currently trying to find some new series, but not many interesting ones seems to be out. I was reading one called Kiriko, and only chapter 1 and 3 were translated and then it was dropped *sobs*

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      1. Lol I reread Gyo recently for a post I was working on too…

        I looked that one up it looks interesting so I added it to my read list!

        Have you read Suicide Circle(Jisatsu Circle), that’s a good one… Oh and Zashiki Onna is good, but it’s more of a urban legend kind of horror story… but so creepy!

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