Mob Psycho 100: Unexpectedly Touching (Episodes 1- 8)

So I wasn’t actually going to watch Mob Psycho this anime season. To be honest the art style kind of put me off, and I wasn’t too interested in another anime about psychics. But what changed my mind was another anime bloggers tweet, I can’t remember who it was (if it’s you lemme know in the comments!) but they said the latest Mob Psycho episode was fantastic. I really respect this blogger’s opinion so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m so glad I did, Mob Psycho is slowly becoming my favourite anime this season!

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Mob, Kageyama Shigeo is appears to be your average middle school student. Well maybe below average – he’s not good at studying, sports or socialising. But Mob is in fact a ridiculously overpowered esper. He works with his ‘mentor’ Arataka Reigen (another esper a major con artist), to help individuals possessed by spirits. While dealing with his growing abilities, Mob must also navigate the pitfalls of adolescence – love, friendship and family.

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I’m gonna be honest in saying that I wasn’t too impressed by episodes 1-4. It seemed like a regular shonen anime, and again I wasn’t too fussed by the art style. The series is based off a webcomic by the same name, by One – who also wrote One Punch Man. I figured it was just another series about an overpowered individual, that wasn’t as funny as OPM. But wow I was wrong. Mob Psycho deals with a lot of complex issues that Mob has to face, the most significant is his feelings. Mob has to suppress all his feelings – happiness, sadness, anger – if they become too strong he literally blows up. Mob also struggle with ensuring that his powers don’t hurt other human beings. One particularly touching episode he versed another esper, and was forced to use his powers. The final scene we do not see  triumphant Mob who defeated his enemy – rather we see him in tears. He’s defeated his enemy but lost to himself.

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I’m really looking forward to the last 4 episodes of the series. It’ll be exciting to see more of Mob’s development – he’s become like my child, I just want him to be happy. I’m giving the series a tentative 7/10 – just because the first 4 episodes were a bit meh.

Honourable Mention to the Body Improvement Club – literally a club that comprise of the best characters in this series.

Mob Psycho 100 Body Improvement Club.png

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    This looks really good! Tbh, I didn’t get the hype for OPM and I guess it was due to the hype, but this has been on my radar for a while. Glad to know you liked it, Kuro, and I’ll be adding this to my ever growing backlog…rofl

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    1. Yeah I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it! I guess half of it was I went into it with my expectations a little low, usually if I get too hyped about a series I’m really disappointed *cough cough* orange, but yeah if you watch it let me know what you think of it ^_^

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