Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Mirai-hen (Episodes 4-9)

So yay I just got up to date with Danganronpa 3: Mirai Hen, and after binge watching 6 episodes had the pleasure of seeing all my faves die. But hey that’s okay (not really) cause that’s what Danganronpa is all about. So let’s get into a super quick recap of what’s gone on these last 6 episodes and what I think about it!  You can also check out what I thought of episodes 2-4 and also episode 1!

Danganronpa 3 Munakata eye.png

The most significant thing that has happened is Munakata has completely lost it. After an epic fight with the chairman, who he killed despite knowing the chairman wasn’t the traitor, Munakata has become a one man army. I’m still trying to work out what his purpose is – it’s like he wants to kill everyone to defeat despair. But seems to be falling deeper into it as he goes? The show seems to be really focusing on him as the traitor, but I’m thinking that he not even realise he’s the traitor himself. He’s so focused on ‘hope’ and defeating despair he’s become the very thing that he hates.

Danganronpa 3 Towa.jpg

Naegi is still piggy backing Asahina (bless her), and Gekkogahara, well wasn’t really Gekkogahara. Naegi’s sister with, an old favourite of mine, Fukawa find that Monaca Towa has murdered Gekkogahara and is using a robot version of her to ‘see Naegi up close’. Any that entire story arc is pretty much thrown away when Towa decides to fly to space so she can chill in her room for all eternity. But hey, what’s more exciting then seeing Fukawa go full Genocider again? Togami-chin appearing! Naegi’s sister uses the Gekko robot to contact Naegi, find out the info and pass it on to Togami-chin – who promises to come to the rescue. Naegi’s sister also delivers a cryptic message from Towa – someone is going to die because of Naegi. Thanks for the upbeat support sis!

Danganronpa 3 Mirai Hen Byaguya Togami.jpg
100% how Togami arrived

Togami-chin arrives and finally saves Hagakura, who really hasn’t been doing much. They enter the future foundation building and all hell breaks loose. In the mean time, a bunch of characters have been dying in the game. And by a bunch, I mean characters who are given really quick backstories and then killed off. So yeah goodbye the pharmacist girl who had some weird frenemy relationship with chocolate girl. Also really sad goodbye to the boxer guy who got killed by his one true love  friend.

Danganronpa 3 Mirai Hen .png
Also Chocolate girl murdered her bf ….for reasons

So with 3 episodes remaining and 5 +Togamichin character remaining, looks like it might be an intense finale. I gotta admit, I was really enjoying the series until they just started killing characters left, right and centre with very little back story. I’m so glad I have the image below (which I’ve added skulls on so you know who’s dead) – otherwise I wouldn’t remember who is who and what they’re talent is. There’s just nothing really special or stand out about this series. There’s a twist and then it’s like “oh whoops we’re wrong” , then another and it twists again, which makes it very frustrating. I didn’t like Towa but dedicating about 2 episodes to her, for her to then fly away was ridiculous. So far I’m giving the series a 6.5/10

Mirai Hen Danganronpa 3 Kirigiri Saliva.png
And Kirigiri drank Corpse Saliva

Who’s Dead So Far…

Mirai Hen People who are dead.jpg

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  1. I completely agree with you about Monaca, It was kind of a let down with her especially when she ran away after an entire episode was dedicated to finding her. Though we are down to five characters that are important enough to count as alive, and that is the weird part about it. I have my suspicions and so long as they do not pull a whole “this person was not actually dead!” then it should hopefully end with one of four potential suspects as the mastermind (I am personally excluding Munakata). I do agree that this part is a lot less impactful due to how rushed some of it is and how it lounges about far too much.

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    1. I’m gonna flip if they bring someone back to life. Although I wouldn’t mind if it was Bandai, just purely for his voice. I feel Munakata could only be the traitor if he wasn’t consciously aware of it – like they set it up knowing that he would go crazy and start killing everyone. But I reckon Mitarai is a bit sus – he looks weak enough not to cause suspicion and he really attached himself to Kirigiri.

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