D.Gray-Man: Hallow (Episodes 5-10): I Only Cried A Little, Okay, Maybe A Lot.

I was definitely not emotionally prepared for the last few episodes. Even having read the manga beforehand, my poor heart. We left Allen and the rest of the exorcist gang off at the brink of a Noah/Exorcist confrontation. One of the third exorcists got diced and sliced, and everyone had their very own Noah to try and take down. You can read all about the previous 4 episodes here and here.You can also read about the final episodes (11-13) here.

The Alma & Yu Kanda Love Story

D.gray-man hallow alma.png

The main focus on the last 6 episodes was a look into Yu Kanda’s past. The Noah’s aim was to awaken another 2nd exorcist, called Alma Kanda – that Yu had destroyed many years ago. Over the course of the episodes, we learn it isn’t as simple a story as we once believed. The Noah’s use Yu’s memories to unlock Alma’s. We get a look into the facility the two of them grew up in, how their friendship was formed and more importantly how they got to where they are.

D.gray-man Hallow Allen Alma and Kanda fight.png
Also everyone’s hair is pastel for some reason

It is revealed that the 2nd exorcists are made from the brains of original exorcists who have died. Once Yu begins remembering aspects of his past life, specifically  a woman that he loved, the scientists looking after them want to put him on ice. Alma isn’t having that – Yu is his first friend, they both realise the horrific truth behind their creation, and take it in slightly different ways. Alma destroys the facility and tries to kill Yu so they can die together. But Yu wants to live.

Once Alma is awaken and turned into an akuma from the dark matter in his body, the 3rd exorcists who share his cells also turn into Akuma. The exorcists have to battle their comrades, and Allen has the additional task of trying to save Yu from himself.

D.gray-man Kanda and Alma .png

I really loved the storyline with Yu and Alma. There were heaps of interesting concepts brought up – the cost of war, the destruction of innocence, friendship and love. I was really into it…until it was revealed that Alma was actually Yu’s re-created (?) lover – which wasn’t in the manga. I would have been on board for it, trust me I was all for it, except that it kept dragging on and on. Like 2 episodes worth of the past lover pretty much being incredibly selfish – ‘oh he’ll forget me if I tell him’, ‘oh it’s better to die together and screw everyone else’. I pretty much wanted to shake Alma and be like “HE’S HERE NOW. JUST CHILL AND HUG HIM.” But that didn’t stop me from getting a little teary at the end.

The 14th Awakens – It’s Noah Time!

D.gray-man Hallow Allen and Nea.png

So while Yu is going crazy over trying to kill Alma, he may have accidentally stabbed Allen. The 14th in Allen immediately started rejecting Yu’s innocence, and he appeared. Nea finally made a proper appearance in all his Noah glory! We also found out that the Early has a soft spot for the 14th, wanting to rule side by side. Which none of the Noah are particularly happy about. They’ve kidnapped Levi and Bookman to find out a way to kill the 14th.

Following the Yu/Alma battle -where Yu/Alma are shipped off to some random area – Allen is chained up by the Order. He has an epiphany – what if, he just TALKS to Nea? Rather than just hating him. Sounds fantastic Allen, lets see how that goes for you. Anyway just as this heart warming moment occurs, a Cardinal appears and is mid-way through killing Allen when the credits roll.

Thoughts On D.Gray-Man: Hallow So Far

Overall I’m really enjoying the series, it’s a lot better than the original D.Gray-Man anime. I do get a little frustrated at some of the animation being a bit lazy. Also they try to add random comedic bits into serious moments, which break the atmosphere, and not in a good way. I’m really hoping they do continue the series on for a few more series. I find D.Gray-Man is one of those series where it’s funner to watch it than read it.

Till the next 3 weeks, where I’ll review the final 3 episodes. I’ll leave you with this image of Tyki Mikk.

D.Gray-Man Hallow Tykki Mik normal.png
Who was wearing jeans in the 19th century…hey he looked good in them, I’m not complaining much.

4 thoughts on “D.Gray-Man: Hallow (Episodes 5-10): I Only Cried A Little, Okay, Maybe A Lot.

  1. I’ve really been enjoying this series and I’m so glad it finally got continued after so long. Yeah, the last few episodes have really been emotionally draining but in that fantastic way where you walk away feeling the show really had an impact.
    Thanks for sharing.

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