91 Days (Episodes 5-10): One Day More…

Sorry I couldn’t resist. So with episodes 1-10 complete, covering the last 3 months (or 90 days) of the series, there’s just one more day left! The final 2 episodes will be covering the epic finale – will Avilio complete his revenge? Will the Vanetti family fall? Will Nero’s eyebrows continue to stay on fleek? So lets get into a recap of what happened in the last 6 episodes. You can read about episode 1 here and episodes 2-4 here.

Vanetti, Fango, Orca and Galassia – what the heck does it all mean!?

Okay so as mentioned in the previous posts, the series is set in 1920s America. 1920s America is iconic for the prohibition, flappers and yep, you guessed it, the mafia. So the main family of interest is the Vanetti family – this is where Nero is, and the main target of Avilio’s revenge. The Vanetti family are an old family and seem to control a lot of the ‘city’ where they’re at. The Galassia family are another massive family that seems to be in control of a number of cities. The whole fiasco with Nero, and his sister’s husband was fuelled by Nero not wanting to submit to the Galassia family. The Vanetti family seems to remain in control of their town, only by the good graces of the Galassia family.

91 days nero fango and avillio.jpg
Well, he looked like He-man until he got that hair cut

Orca and Fango are two other families. The Orca family is another old one, a friend of the Vanettis. Their Don (boss) is obsessed with lasagna. The Fango family is a relatively new one, the Don is He-man. Well, a He-man cosplayer called Fango. So episodes 5-6 is where shit really goes down with the  families. With Nero being shut out by his family, and with a wounded friend, it looks like it’s the end. But Avilio, with his ‘Game of Thrones’ style tactics, manages to convince Fango to shelter them. In return they will bring him Don Orco. So with Don Orco kindly delivered to him, Fango takes a page out of Arya Stark’s book and well, he cooks him in lasagna and feeds him to his own men.

91 Days Don Orco lasagna.jpg
Well he’s there in spirit….and in your stomach

Tale of Two Brothers – Nero and Frate

But you don’t gotta kill your brother for that

Family drama time! So Frate, being manipulated by Ronaldo (the sister’s husband), to essentially bar Nero from the Vanetti family. Ronaldo’s intentions aren’t really clear – besides a general dislike for Nero, but Frate is genuinely trying to do what’s best for the Vanetti family. Ronaldo begins giving Frate drugs and makes him increasingly dependent on him. I would theorise that Ronaldo’s main aim was that, with Nero out of the way and Vincent, the Don, gone soon, he could control the Vanetti family through Frate.

Flo tries her best to create peace between the two brothers, but it’s all for naught. Avilio convinces one of Nero’s men to attack the Vanetti household, leading to an all out war. This culminates into an epic finale. Ronaldo is murdered by his wife, Flo, who ultimately wants to protect her brothers. Then it’s Nero and Frate’s turn. Avilio hands Frate a gun, and the two have a high noon stand off, except Frate’s gun doesn’t have any bullets.

The final stand off between the two brothers was particularly interesting. It puts new light into Frate and Nero’s relationship as well as Frate’s inner fears. Nero is the big brother, adored and admired by everyone, he appears to barely even try. Frate on the other hand, goes to church every week, tries to be the perfect son. But he’s always seen as a child. He can never reach the level of respect that Nero has.

History Repeats itself with Avilio and Cordeo – Come on it’s been like a day!


What I appreciate about 91 days, is the parallels between Nero/Frate and Avilio/Cordeo. Both ‘older’ brothers – Nero and Avilio, are some focused on their own goals they don’t notice the fears and concerns of the ‘younger’ brothers Nero/Frate. Both Frate and Cordeo, do what they believe is right. Frate wants to protect the Vanetti family and Cordeo wishes to protect Avilio.

Cordeo begins working  with Fango to bring down Nero. After the first assassination attempt fails, and Fango steals Cordeo’s alcohol recipe, there’s no reason to keep Cordeo around. He originally wants to murder Cordeo but decides to set him free. Everything seems okay, until Fango taunts Cordeo, with the knowledge of the ‘true traitor’. Cordero looses it and murders Fango. He tries to escape – being chased by two mafia families. He’s ultimately caught by the Vanetti family and is tortured to find the reason why he went against Nero. He manages to escape again, and is captured by the writer of the letter to Avilio.

91 days Avillio.jpg

REVEAL TIME! The letter writer was actually Vincent’s brother, aka Nero’s uncle. He sent the letter to Avilio as he wants to gain control of the Vinetti family. He helps Avilio take Cordeo to Chicago. But when doubt falls onto Avilio, Cordeo has to come back to save him. Avilio is forced to kill Cordeo to regain his trust. He kills his brother, to be able to get avenge on his biological one. It is a truly sad irony.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Final Thoughts

The last 6 episodes of ’91 Days’ have been absolutely phenomenal. The relationship between the characters, and the depth of Avilio’s hatred. I’m really looking forward to what they finale will bring. I know it’s too much to hope, but I genuinely want Avilio to give up his revenge and try to live a happy life. He’s already destroyed the one and only person that cared about him. Just 1 day more till we see if Avilio completes his revenge! 9/10



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