Danganronpa Mirai-Hen (Episodes 10-12): So Many Twists and Turns

With barely any characters left, this anime has finally come to a close. At this point I would normally be a bit numb from the pain of loosing some favourite characters. But since we barely got to know any of them, it’s not so bad. Except for Sakakura, goddamn it he was the best. To check out my reviews on the previous episodes click on the following links: episode 1, episodes 2-3 and episodes 4-9.  Spoilers below in the recap~

Congrats Munakata: You weren’t as big of an ass as you could have been

Munakata Mirai Hen.jpg
Not time for a pity party bro 

Episode 10 ends  Munakata’s vigilante destruction, with an epic stand off between his hope and Naegi’s. The clash of ideologies is one that permeates throughout the series. Munakata believes that all despair must be destroyed, regardless of who it is, or how little it is. While Naegi believes that Despair can be saved, and more so that just destroying despair doesn’t create hope.

With Naegi’s help, Munakata realises that by focusing on the despair within his friends, he himself is destroying them. That he should never regret having met them and forming relationships with them. It’s all quite emotional – except I really can’t forgive him for Sakakura – until another massive twist is revealed.

Don’t underestimate a House Keeper


IT WAS THE FREAKING HOUSE KEEPER LADY! Ok sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. But honestly so much nope.

Asahina finds Kirigiri’s notebook and with it they realise that the ‘victims’ and ‘attacker’ of the game, are one in the same. The victims were being forced to commit suicide. But hey this is the Future Foundation, I hear you say! That’s right! They were coerced into suicide by a brain washing video, whoever was closest to the monitors when the time limit was up would awaken to watch the video. The video was so strong it even sent Naegi into momentary despair.

Mira hen Monitor.jpg

Naegi is saved by Sakakura, who is somehow still alive!? I’m not questioning it, hey I’m happy my baby is still around! Sakakura is pretty upset to discover that both him and Chisa are considered ‘Despair’, both of them were coerced by Enoshima Junko to tell Munakata that Junko was safe. With his last bit of energy, Sakakura goes out to destroy the power supply to all the monitors. By doing so, he also deactivates everyone’s bracelets. Munakata tries to rush to his side, but unfortunately is too late.

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But that’s not all!

But hey, the emotional rollercoaster doesn’t end there. Learning that not only Chisa is the traitor, we also learn that Tengan (the director) had a hand in it. The original plan was to start the game without Ryota, the ultimate animator, aka the guy who has been clinging on to Kirigiri. Ryota was the only who actually designed the suicide video, and has also designed a ‘hope’ brainwashing video. Tegan wanted to use the game to push Ryota to release the video, only problem was he accidentally came to the meeting! And as such was pushed into the game.

The series ends with Ryota brainwashing the Future Foundation members to help him to release the video. Naegi, Asahina, Munakata and Togamichin (who arrives!) want to stop him. After all – being brainwashed doesn’t really count as ‘hope’. The series will continue on in a one hour special called Kibou-hen. I’m going to check that out, after finishing off Mirai-hen.

Final Thoughts

Naegi Despair mirai hen.jpg

While Mirai-hen was everything that a Danganronpa series should be, it was almost a miss for me. The twists and turns were fantastic, but I honestly didn’t have the time to connect to characters. One of the great joys of Danganronpa is feeling the ‘despair’ when a character you know and love dies. I was pretty unimpressed by the quickly mashed together back stories that some characters had.  Having watched half of Zetsubou-hen, I know this series could have been a lot better with more time and dedication to the script. Ultimately I’ll give the series a 6.5/10


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